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King Kaka or Kaka Sungura is a Kenyan artiste, Kennedy Ombima, born on 7 May 1987 in Nairobi. Luo by tribe. He is popularly  known by his stage names King Kaka and Rabbit. King Kaka has  has had a thriving rapping carreer that has spanned for over 15 years. Sungura met Jorma Taccone, a member of The Lonely Island in February 2011 when Taccone visited Nairobi, Kenya as part of his trip for AFAR Magazine’s “Spin the Globe”. King Kaka collaborated with Taccone to create a rap video that has over 1.2 million views. Taccone later wrote an article for AFAR Magazine documenting the experience with King Kaka. In 2012, Sungura launched his own clothing line dubbed Niko Kwa Jam Nakam. With his 17-track album Tales of Kaka Sungura already out, Rabbit says he is now solely focused on promoting the album as well as shooting a few videos. “I cannot do another album until late next year. I give my all when I compile an album, that’s why I won’t rush into another album project.”In November 2012, Rabbit released a music video for his song “Adisia”.

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Wajinga Nyinyi – King Kaka Latest Song 2019

King Kaka, as he is known by his stage name, is currently in trouble for his song “Nyinyi Wajinga” simply translated “You are all stupid”… In the songs he opens up on corruption and daily problems that face simple Kenyans and bashing the Kenyan political elites. Rumors are that he received a death threat for naming some politicians named in corruption cases.

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King Kaka Latest Song 2019

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