The Kalasha International Awards is an annual accolade presented by Kenya Film Commission to deserving filmmakers. To get an entry into the award ceremony, your films and TV series should have been aired on Kenyan television stations before.
The inaugural awards were held in 2010 and subsequent awards are held yearly in the last quarter of the year. This year Kalasha award was the 7th one since its inception.

Kalasha is usually referred to as the Kenyan Oscar because it is one of the biggest awards in Kenya. This year’s Kalasha film and TV awards took place on 9th December, 2017 at Crown Plaza Hotel in Upperhill and as a norm, its red carpet was all pomp and pageantry as the who is who in the film industry showed up and even the KFCB CEO Ezekiel Mutua was present.

1. Best Actress In a TV Drama
Catherine Kamau

2. Best Actor In a TV Drama
Martin Githinji

3. Best actor
Frank Kimani – Uyu Ni Mwarigwo

4.Best Supporting Actresses
Wanjiku Njoroge

5. Best Supporting Actor
Antony Ndungu

6. Best Documentary Award

7. Best TV Drama
Sue na Jonnie

8. Best Comedy
Hullabaloo Estate

9. Best Sound Design
Florian Osnah

10. Best Tv Documentary
Matwana Culture

11. Best Director Of Photography
Andrew Mungai – Katikati

12. Best Director
Mbithi Masya – Katikati

13. Best Original Screenplay
John Kararahe of Kidnapped

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14.Best Local Language Award

15. Best Short Film Award
Uyu ni Mwariguo

16. Best Editor
Louiza Wanjiku – Katikati

17. Best Special Effects Award
Kati Kati

18.Best Animation Award
XYZ Show

19. Lifetime Achievement Award
Joseph Kioni

20. Best Watershed Compliant TV Station
Miracle tv

21. Best Host Award
Teddy Muthusi – Lion’s Den

22. Best Documentary By a Student
Gifted soul

23. Best Feature Film

24. Best Documentary
Sound Man

25. Best Feature By a Student

26. Best TV Commercial


27. Best Diaspora Film

Born This Way

28. Best Lighting Technician

Gregory Kiwo

29. Best East African Film
Breaking With Customs

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30. Best Local Content Station
K24 TV

31. Best Production Designer

Emmanuel Mrabu