BAKE Awards 2018 Kenya has released the list of BAKE 2018 winners after the voting phase.  The Winners’ Gala event full of glamour that the Crowne Plaza Hotel, in Nairobi saw the attendance of top best bloggers in Kenya.

Among the winners were first timers like,, , Over 25 and Women continued to impress at the awards with a record 15 awards going to them. made history by being the first woman to ever win in the photography category.

The awards are an annual initiative by the Bloggers Association of Kenya (BAKE) and are now in their 7 year.

Full list of winners in the BAKE Awards 2018.

1. Best Technology Blog

2. Best Photography Blog

3. Best Creative Writing Blog

4. Best Business Blog

5. Best Food Blog

6. Best Environmental Blog

7. Best Fashion and Style Blog

8. Best Agricultural Blog

9. Best New Blog

10. Best Best Corporate Blog

11. Best Topical Blog

12. Best Sports Blog

13. Best Entertainment Blog

14. Best Education Blog

15. Best Travel Blog

16. Best Public Health Blog

17. Best County Blog

18. Bst Religious or Spirituality Blog

19. Best Lifestyle Blog

20. Best Beauty and Hair Blog

21. Best Video Blog (Vlog)

Over Twenty Five –

22. Best Social Issues and Active Citizenship Blog

23. Best Kenyan Blog of the Year