Plant Mechanics Course at Sensei Institute of Technology

Qualification: Valid Driving License (Any vehicle class)
Duration: 6 months


New Offer: Free Plant Operator Driving for every Plant Mechanic Student.

Train practically on how to diagnose and repair Graders, Shovels, Backhoe, Forklifts, Dumpers, Excavators, Farm Tractors, Bulldozers, Rollers and many others with us. You will learn to work with a wide range of tools to diagnose and repair heavy machinery. You will be trained on how to inspect, service and repair engine boxes, gearboxes, hydraulics, electric system and tyres.

Plant Mechanics training takes a duration of 6 months. The training is offered on full time practical basis. We offer a 3 month general training on Hydraulics, Engine Systems, Electrical Systems and Fuel Systems and specialize in the next three months, you get to specialise in any of the four.

Our state of art workshop and qualified instructors enable you to interact with all the tools involved in Plant Mechanics and get the hands on training that will equip you for a better future .


  1. Be a holder of a driving licence
  2. National ID
  3. 4 passport photos
  4. Personal effects such as Blankets, Sheets, Plate, Cup, Spoon, Bucket, Toiletries etc
  5. Safety boots for training

We have discounted the fee for Plant Mechanics



The training will take a duration of 6 months. For the whole course, This totals to Kshs 155,000 for day scholars and kshs 197,000 for boarders.The fee can be paid in 6 installments that is can be paid monthly NB: If you have not trained in Plant Operation, We will train you plant operation for FREE but will not cover the costs of your exams. If interested in doing exams, The cost of plant operator exams per any machine will be Kshs 15,000.

INTAKES: Our intakes are monthly the first week

NB: This fee applies to Kenyan citizens. Non- citizens are required to pay 20% extra on the fee charged.

Enroll now for Plant Mechanics at our institute 0707-964600