Uber has officially Launched “Low cost delivery” services in Chicago, San Francisco and NewYork Dubbed UberRUSH

UberRUSH enabbles you to  tap into the UberRUSH network, you pay only for the deliveries you make. Nothing more. Uber says, “And because couriers don’t need to make roundtrips, you can actually expand your delivery zone.”

Delivery right when you need it

When customers are waiting, every minute counts. UberRUSH helps you avoid costly bottlenecks during your busiest hours. You can get as many deliveries on the road as you need. As fast as you need them.

Know the exact location of your deliveries

Real-time tracking means you and your customers can always see where the delivery is on the map. This visibility helps make for smoother pickups and dropoffs. No more nervous phone calls from customers.

A perfect fit

UberRUSH integrates with platforms like Shopify and Clover so you can build deliveries right into your day-to-day operations. No need to worry about complicated set-up or installation.

The map that moves your business

The service under your control through the following simple steps


1. Request

You can get as many deliveries on the road as you need. And it only takes a few seconds to set them up. If you’re delivering something that is fragile or spillable, please let us know. We’ll take good care of it.

2. Track

The map shows you exactly when your courier will arrive at your business. After you make the handoff, you can track the delivery in real time. Or just go back to whatever else needs to get done. Your deliveries are on autopilot at this point.

3. Notify

You have the option to share the tracking link with your customers, giving them the ability to follow their delivery live on the map. We also notify them when the courier is arriving. Real-time tracking goes a long way towards customer satisfaction.