If you are jobless, job sites can save the day.

They may not be your angel of mercy in the sense that they are not the assurance that you’ll land your dream job but the alerts are the first step to getting there.

A section of people are jobless not because they lack skills or prerequisite qualifications; they simply have no idea about available job opportunities.

To help this group, here is a list of top 5 job sites in Kenya.

1) Brighter Monday
This is perhaps among the top job sites in Kenya.

It gives you access to the latest available jobs as well as career tips in areas such as interviews, CV and cover letter writing, workplace skills, and expected salary and negotiation.

The tips in the Career Center section are valuable and can definitely help steer your career development process.

To further cement the site’s credibility, there is a section that gives a list of top local employers who use Brighter Monday as their preferred recruitment portal.

Employers can enlist the services of Brighter Monday job listings through various plans. The services range from CV screening to recruitment consulting.

2) Career Point Kenya
Career point does not need much introduction as it is already a popular go-to site.

You may have never used it but I’m pretty sure you have heard the name at some point.

The site will give you exclusive access to latest jobs.

They have stepped up by giving you access to resources on job search skills, career advice, sample cover letters, sample interview question/answers, and information on available recruitment services you can use.

Then, we have interesting paid services.

Of course, CV writing is the most common paid services but Career Point takes it a notch higher with special services.

The most impressive of all their paid services has to be the interview coaching. You can book a session for interview coaching by writing to [email protected].

Then, there’s the psychometric test. This predicts whether your knowledge, skills, abilities, and personality are a fit for the job. These can include personality and aptitude tests.

3) Kenyan Career
For your latest job vacancies, Kenyan Career is a great job site.

The site alerts you about latest jobs and also allows you to upload your CV increasing your exposure to potential employers.

The site does not offer extra services like others but if your main and only goal is to get timely job alerts, Kenyan Career is right for you.

4) Fuzu
Fuzu gives you the opportunity to become ‘Part of Africa’s fastest growing career community’.

It gives applicants access to jobs and career growth resources while employers get a wide range recruitment services.

This is not just a job site; it offers you career planning tools, learning opportunities with Fuzu’s online courses, and tips that will help your career growth.

5) Jobweb Kenya
This recruitment portal allows you access to available positions and their specific requirements. You can view them by location, type, and salary range. You will receive job alerts via email.

You can create an account and submit your CV and make edits at your own convenience.
The site allows employers to submit a job.

The better news is that the site gives you access to career resources such as interview tips, CV and cover letter writing tips, job news, and much more.

6.) jobsinkenya.org

As a bonus, you can also visit JobsinKenya.org website for latest Public Service Commission (PSC) jobs and other category vacancies.

So, there, go there and subscribe to alerts from these job sites. Be sure to send me 10% of your first salary should you get the job. M-Pesa will do.

Here’s is a quote for the ungrateful employees: “Hate Monday? Try unemployment”