Kenya’s Best Blogs and Bloggers

Owing to the digital revolution that has brought forth the blogging era, more people have the chance to express themselves online and communicate with their growing legion of fans. It is due to this uptake of content that the BAKE (Bloggers Awards Kenya) was established to applaud and appreciate the best bloggers in Kenya.

Kenya’s Top Blogs and Bloggers

Following the BAKE Awards held at the Intercontinental hotel where many gathered to witness the crowning of top bloggers. During the event Sylvia Njoki emerged the overall best.

Full list of winners are
1. Best Technology Blog:
2. Best Photography Blog:
3. Best Creative Writing Blog:
4.Best Business Blog:
5. Best Food Blog:
6. Best Environmental/Agricultural Blog:
7. Best Fashion/Beauty/Hair/Style Blog:
8. Best Politics Blog:
9. Best New Blog:
10. Best Corporate Blog:
11. Best Topical Blog:
12. Best Sports Blog:
13. Best Entertainment/Lifestyle Blog:
14. Best Education Blog:
15. Best Travel Blog:
16. Best Health Blog:
17.Best County Blog:
18. Kenyan Blog of the Year: