• What is PVoC?

PVOC is Pre-export verification of conformity to standards. It is a conformity assessment procedure applied at the country of supply/origin to ensure compliance of imported products with applicable Kenya Standards, approved specifications or applicable regulations. Goods meeting the requirements of the relevant Kenya Standards or approved specifications will be issued with Certificates of Conformity (CoCs) as proof of compliance by KEBS appointed inspection agents.


  • What are the additional requirements in the new PVOC directive?


The list of goods that are required to undergo inspection in the country of supply has been expanded to cover all imported goods.


  • Does KEBS have Standards for ALL goods imported into Kenya?

KEBS have standards for many of the goods that are locally manufactured or imported. However, products not having Kenya Standards will be inspected against the relevant international standards or standards applicable in the country of origin.


  • How will KRA use the Certificates of Conformity issued under the PVoC programme to secure revenues?

The Coc shall serve as one of the reference documents in Customs declaration in terms of quality, quantity and value of imported goods. Importers shall be under obligation to comply with the import requirements including furnishing original invoices for goods.


  • What happens to goods that arrive at the Port of entry without CoCs?

The goods that arrive without CoCs will be prohibited from entering the country


  • Will KRA or KEBS draw samples from consignments accompanied with CoCs?

Samples of consignments accompanied with CoC may be drawn as necessary for monitoring purposes.

  • Can KEBS and KRA guarantee pre-clearance of cargo accompanied with CoCs so that importers do not incur demurrage charges at the Port?

Pre clearance of goods accompanied with a CoC will be given except where there are reasons to doubt the integrity of the procedure followed with respect to the specific cases or consignment has been targeted for random sampling


  • When is the effective implementation date?

Inspection requirement is   for all imports whose shipment date is on or later than 1st of December 2015


  • Are goods imported from EAC member states subject to PVoC?

Goods manufactured in the EAC member states are accepted based on the certification carried out by the respective National Standards Body in the country of origin as provided for under EAC SQMT Act.


  • What happens to goods already shipped (on high seas) and expected to arrive in Kenya on or after 1st December 2015?

All goods shipped before the 1st December 2015 will be cleared under the previous arrangement


  • Are raw materials for local manufacturing of finished goods subject to PVoC requirements?

Primary inputs imported by registered manufacturers to be released under a green channel (i.e. No CoC required) subject to proof that the materials are direct inputs to the manufacturing process and the finished products made out of the said raw materials are certified by KEBS.


  • Are Complete Knock downs (CKD) motor vehicles and motor bikes imported for local assembly subject to PVoC?

CKD for vehicles imported by registered manufacturers to be released under a green channel (i.e. No CoC required).


  • Are manufacturing plants, machinery and parts thereof imported solely for own use subject to PVoC?

Manufacturing plants and industrial spares for own use imported by registered manufacturers to be released under a green channel (i.e. No CoC required).


  • Are finished petroleum products subject to PVoC requirements?

Yes, petroleum products will be subjected to inspection under the PVOC program.


  • Are goods certified by KEBS under the Diamond Mark scheme still subject to PVoC?

Diamond Mark Certification serves the same objectives as the PVOC program. Goods certified under the Diamond mark will therefore be cleared on the basis of a valid Diamond Mark Permit

  • Are goods imported under Duty remission schemes e.g. MUB, EPZ, subject to PVoC?

Yes, these goods will be subjected to inspection under the PVoC program.


  • What is the minimum value threshold for goods subject to PVoC?

There is no minimum values threshold for PVoC .


  • Are goods under the value of USD 1000 (CIF) exempt from PVoC?

No, as in number 17 above, there is no minimum values threshold for PVOC. However, courier shipments through JKIA which are currently cleared under the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between KEBS and Courier Industry Association of Kenya (CIAK) shall continue to be cleared as specified in the MoU.


  • Is ISM still mandatory for finished products intended for sale in Kenya in light of the expanded scope of PVoC?

Yes ISM is mandatory for all imported products that are intended for sale in Kenya.


  • Are Authorized Economic Operators (AEOs) exempted for PVoC?

No. AEOs are not exempted from PVoC but will be accorded expedited clearance by KRA under the Green Channel.


  • Can KRA and KEBS merger Excise stamp and ISM?

The different marks serve different purposes. The feasibility of the proposal will be studied by the two organizations.


  • Are consolidated cargo subject to PVoC ?

Yes. PVoC is required for all goods including consolidated cargo.