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KNEC has automated the management of contracted professionals across the various functional business areas with a view of improving efficiency and accountability. This solution consists of a computer based system at KNEC that integrates various agencies and service providers to collect, verify and report on activities and personnel involved in the administration of national examinations (i.e. contracted professionals)




The contracted professionals system Link/ URL:



2.1    The  Contracted  Professionals  System  (CP2)  is  an  integrated  electronic system to automate the management of officers who are recruited to assist KNEC in administering the examinations.



2.2    The main aim of the  system is to ensure that KNEC captures correct, accurate and timely details of all the personnel who are involved in the supervision, invigilation and management of examinations. This will help KNEC to efficiently process claims for payments, monitoring attendance during the examinations period, accountability for the contracted professionals involved and streamline query resolutions.



2.3     The system complements the current declarations forms that are signed and        filled  by  all  the  personnel  involved.  In  addition,  contracted professionals data requested is stored in a central database for ease of management.



2.4     All Contracted professionals are required to submit their details through the platform and apply for Job/ Vacancy based on the roles they play during the administration of various examinations in regards to the supervision, invigilation and management of each specific examination.





3.1.    For first time users


First time/ new users are the contracted professionals who have never registered in the online contracted professionals system. To register online, do the following:


3.1.1.  Visit the KNEC contracted professionals’ web: and follow the following steps to register in the platform and their submit details.



3.1.2.  Use the link/ URL to access the contracted professional website. You can do so by typing the link on the address  bar  of  any  browser  (Firefox, internet explorer, Google chrome etc.) or by clicking the link. The address directs the user to login page as shown in figure 1 below.



Figure 1: User Login Interface


3.1.3.  Click the link:  Create account to generate the interface for registering into the contracted professional system as shown in figure 2 below.




Figure 2: Creating an account (registering)


To create an account


  1. Enter your mobile number as shown in figure 2 e.g. 254722645678


  1. To confirm, enter the same number.


  1. Click the link: Create Account. You will receive the message in figure 3 below confirming that the login details (user name and password) as well as the link to access the CP2 system have been send to the phone used for creating the account.






















Figure 3: Login credentials feedback message


  1. Confirm receipt of the login credentials from the phone number used to create the account.
  2. Refer to the user manual for comprehensive guidelines on registration,


system  access,  filling  in  details,  application  for  a  vacancy  and submission of your details.


3.2.     For existing users


Enter your user name and password as shown in figure 1. Click the link: Login to open  the  contracted  professionals’  home  page  for  filling  in  missing  details, updating existing details, application for a vacancy and online submission. The interface shown in figure 4 below will be generated.




























Figure 4: Existing Users home page





3.2.1.  To update/ edit details


  1. Click on the link Profile for the display of existing details previously captured in the system as shown in figure 5 below for viewing, editing and updating if need be.




























Figure 5: Profile details for contracted professional




  1. Click the specific link to view specific details e.g. Personal Information, Work Experience and Qualification as shown in figure 6 below.


  1. Click Personal Information link to view the contracted professional bio data. Click the Edit link to enable editing and updating of the profile details displayed.


  1. Click Work Experience link to view the contracted professional work experience details. Click the Edit link to enable editing and updating of the work experience details displayed.


  1. Click Qualification link to view the contracted professional academic and professional  qualification  details.  Click  the   Edit  link  to  enable editing and updating of the qualification details displayed.


  1. For any additional information e.g. new work station, qualifications etc., Click the link Add to generate the interface for capturing new details.




































Figure 6: Interface for editing profile details




3.2.2. To apply for a Job/ vacancy


Select the correct information by clicking the drop down Menus under the Jobs /vacancy. Search for the selected position, select, confirm and click submit to send application.


3.3.    For existing users who have forgotten their password


SMS password to 22262 and a new one will be sent to your phone. Use the password receive to login into the system.




Contracted professionals who have successfully registered and submitted profile details are  required  to  proceed  to  the  next  step  of  applying  for  available  vacancies.  Job


vacancies are grouped for selection based the specific examination, activity type, duty station, position/ designation (role), county and sub county as indicated in figure 6

below under portion “C”.





























Figure 7: Job / Vacancy application interface for contracted professional


4.1.1.  How to apply for a job as a contracted professional








Figure 8: How to apply for a Job as a contracted professional


Select the drop downs labeled 1 to 6 under portion C above to perform the following tasks under each of them:


Table 1: Job selection guidelines


1.   Exam Select the type of examination for your job application. E.g. KCPE, KCSE…
2.  Activity Select the activity that you will be overseing. Eg. Supervision and Invigilation
3.  Duty station Select the venue of the activity. E.g. Examination centre, distribution centre.
4.  Position Select your role (Designation). E.G. Centre Manager, Invigilator, Clerk…
5.  County Select the County where the activity will take place. E.g. Kisii, Baringo,Narok..
6.  Sub county Select the specific sub county within the county that you selected in ‘5’
7.  Search button Click the search button to generate the specific job based on your selection.



The number of number of positions (job vacancies) available for for the selection made by a contracted professions will be displayed after clicking the search button.   This is shown in figure 7 below.


4.1.2.  How to View and apply for the specific job selected


The feedback message for the specific job that the contracted professional has selected showing the details and the number of positions available will be generated as shown in figure 8 below. E.g. “Invigilator:- Exam 2017/3

Kenya  Certificate  of   Secondary  Education,  Activity:  Supervision  &


Invigilationof exams, Duty Station: Examination Centre, Deadline 31Oct


2017, 83 positions.”



If the details are inaccurate, for instance your meant to select and apply for supervisory position instead of invigilation, repeat the job application process.


Click on the highlihted feedback message to confirm the application for the job. The infterface for confimation will be generated as shown in figure 9 below. Proceed with the process step by step to completion.

























Figure 9: Positions available for the job selected by a contracted professional.




4.1.3.  How to submit application for a selected job


  1. Read the details displayed in figure 8 below to ensure they are accurate before submission of the job applied for. You can go back and select the correct details if need be.


  1. Click the “check box” highlighted in figure 9 below to confirm the application for the job selected.


  1. Click the “Submit Application” button.























How to click the check box and confirm job application



Figure 10: Submission of job application by a contracted professional.




4.1.4.  Feedback for a successful submission of job application



The message “Thank you for submitting your application. The application shall be reviewed and you shall be notified shortly!” will be displayed as shown in figure 9 below.


















Figure 11: Feedback message for a successfully submitted job application


4.1.5.  How to withdraw an application after submission


Some   contracted   professionals   may   proceed   with   application   and submision of details without verifying and notice they made a mistake. Eg. They selected the wrong examination or position. In this case, the application can be widrawn by clicking the “withdraw Application” tab highlighted in read.


New application can be made once again following the same   job application process.


4.1.6.  How log out of the system


Users are reminded to ensure they log out of the system when they are done with the application process. This is to avoid unauthorized access to third party(s) who may manipulate the information.


4.2.     Centre Managers


Centre Managers will also be issued with a username and password to login to the system. They  will be  able to view the officers  assigned to  their centres and subsequently record their attendance during the exam period. This attendance records will, be used to process claims for all personnel.


4.3.    Teachers Service Commission (TSC) Sub County Directors


Access to the system will also be provided to the TSC Sub County Directors for purposes of reviewing deployment details, confirming attendance records and redeployment of supervisors and invigilators.


4.4.    Sub County Directors Of education (SCDE)


Access to the system will also be provided to the SCDE office for purposes of reviewing deployment details, confirming attendance records and redeployment of officers (if need be).


4.5.    Error messages


Always read the error messages to make corrections where necessary. For instance, if you are registering as a new user and you had registered before, the error message in figure 10 below will be displayed. Follow the instructions e.g. In this case, “send the word PASSWORD to 22262 to acquire your login credentials (user name and password)”.


Figure 12: Error message for existing users attempting to register as new users










5.1.    NOTE: payments will only be made to officers who have submitted their details through the platform.

5.2.    A  comprehensive  user  manual  is  available  on  the  KNEC  website:


5.3.    Contracted professionals should keep the details submitted up to date by login into the system to update where necessary. E.g. Change of work place, title or role, academic and professional qualification where need be.

5.4.    Contracted professional should always login into the system to apply for


job vacancies available for each examination they are involved in.

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