KNEC Examination Timetable for Technical Colleges 2019

KNEC Timetables

Download the latest examination timetables: [KCPE] [KCSE] [DTE] [SNE] [PTE[TCAE] [TECHNICAL]

KNEC Examination Timetable for Technical Colleges 2019

2017 Instructions to Supervisors & Invigilators Business and Technical Exams (754.41 kB)
2017 Registration Instructions for Business and Technical Exams (514.17 kB)
2017 Registration of Private Centres for Business & Technical Exams (209.58 kB)
2017 Report of Supervision for Business and Technical Exams (389.34 kB)
2017 Submission of Business and Technical Coursework (350.52 kB)

 Download KNEC Timetables

Download the latest examination timetables: [KCPE] [KCSE] [BUSINESS] [TECHNICAL] [ECDE]

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I got D+ in kcse and I want to do accounting, is that possible

yeah start with certificate

i got a D- in the 2017 K.c.s.e..Any Technical Institution I can join and may be available for me to do?..

Kindly am suposed to sit for exams this Jully, I just want to confirm if the time table is out.

businesss courses july 2018 timetable please

I do request timetable for technical knec exam 2018 July

Your Comment3018 timetable for technical exam

KNEC timetable pte 2019

knec timetable for business courses July series 2019 please

knec time table for science courses please July 2019

knec exam timetable 2019 November