Describe the growth and expansion of buganda kingdom

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social economic political organisation buganda kingdom

structure of buganda kingdom

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describe political organisation of buganda

what were the factors that led to the expansion of buganda between 1650 and 1800?

omulamuzi in buganda kingdom

factors for the failure of buganda kingdom

Factors that led to the growth of the Buganda kingdom

  1.  Buganda was small and so easy to exert power
  2.  She had good, able strong leaders who united the people of Buganda
  3.  Had strong mixed economic base and so concentrated fully on the expansion of the kingdom.
  4. Buganda kingdom was strategically positioned that is, next to Lake Victoria a natural defence against her enemies
  5. She was wealthy – acquired wealth during the long distance trade with the swahili Arabs
  6. .Had a strong military army which defended the community against its enemies like the Nyoro
  7.  Had a good, strong and able leaders who were able to unite people of Buganda