TSC releases details of CBA, school heads set to earn more

The Teachers’ Service Commission has released details of the CBA they signed with teachers on October 25, 2016.
The TSC and teachers signed the CBA after long legal battles and demonstrations that paralysed learning in all public schools in the country.
In the CBA, secondary school principals are the biggest beneficiaries, according to TSC chief executive officer Nancy Macharia, adding the CBA will elevate teachers’ dignity to the required standards.
Speaking yesterday in Mombasa during the fourth day of the Kenya Secondary School Heads’ Association 42nd Annual Conference, Macharia said the grading structure for school administrators will take into account the size and category of school.
The CBA, which takes effect from July 1, 2017 to July 2021, will result in all teachers in the country taking home large amounts in salaries, depending on their job group.

Download KNUT 2017-2021 CBA Implementation Matrix

The TSC has come up with a new ranking formula, in which all principals of national boarding schools and extra-county schools that were initially in Job Group Q and R, will now be converted into Job Grade D5.
Principals of county schools, which were in Job Group P will be in Grade D4.
Principals of subcounty boarding schools, subcounty day schools and deputy principals of extra-county schools, who were ranked in Job Group M will be in Grade D3.

Deputy principals of national schools and deputy principals of subcounty boarding schools who were in Job Group M will now be in Grade D2.
Deputy principals of subcounty day schools who were in Job Group M will now be Grade D1.
Macharia said conversion will recognise seniority.
“Even if you convert to the same grade, for example, principals in Job Group M and N will convert to D3. Those in Job Group N will have a higher salary point,” she said.

The new CBA salary structure will lead to principals in Job Group D5 taking home between Sh131,380 and Sh157,656, plus allowances.
Those in Job Group D4 will earn between Sh118,242–141,891, plus the allowances.
Principals in Job Group D3 will now earn between Sh104,644–125,573 and allowances. Deputy principals in Job Group D2 will be taking home between Sh91,041–109,249, plus allowances.

The lowest cadre of secondary school deputy principal in Job Group D1 will be earning between Sh77,840–93,408, plus allowances.
“One important thing to note is that all principals of the schools will be the senior-most in the job group and earn more than anybody else in that school,” Macharia said.

Updated: Jun. 23, 2017