A pilgrimage experience it is said can be one of the most spiritually uplifting experiences a human being can experience. Something about seeing the historical sites you’ve only read about in your bible, walking along the streets along which the Lord Jesus walked and along which he was scourged that uplifts the spirit and brings nourishment to the soul. It is a trip that everyone should take at least once in a life time. Preferably twice.

Have you always planned to visit Jerusalem or tour Israel from Lagos, Nigeria? Have you been overwhelmed by the seeming complexity of the logistics? What hotels to visit? What sights to see? A friendly face that will guide and advice you throughout your stay, explaining to you the customs of the people, where and what to eat and taking care of all the general logistics of such a journey?

Have you been put off by the seemingly high cost of such an experience?
Not to worry. The Dynax Travel Team has stepped in to help you visit Israel from Lagos Nigeria while taking away all the complexities. At Dynax Travel Agency, we have put together a yearly trip to tour Jerusalem and visit Israel from Lagos Nigeria for you and your family. Our plan takes away all the burden, all in a neat little package that includes;
1. Flight Booking
2. Visa Acquisition
3. Hotel reservation and booking
4. Tour guide
5. Visit to important sites such as Mount Olives, The Wailing Wall, Mount Camel, Boat cruise on the Sea of Galilee and the empty tomb of Jesus, Visit Jerusalem and many more.
6. Chaperone services
7. On-destination logistics such as eating arrangements, cultural exposition, bus and city transport systems
8. Many more.

All at a very affordable price.

Going for a holiday this year?

Take the opportunity to treat the family to an uplifting spiritual experience even while enjoying the perks of a regular holiday. Hear some of our past clients testimonies

“I went to Israel in 2015 on a trip packaged by Dynax Travels. It was my first time there but I never felt I was away from home or in a strange place. The Dynax team took care of every little detail of the trip which included feeding, transportation, hotel reservation, room selection, and more. They obviously had a good rapport with the tour guide. The whole trip was so smooth and refreshing. The Dynax travel team are truly professionals with travels and tours.”

“Visiting Israel for me was a great encounter. I had heard several stories and read a lot about Jerusalem, so I looked forward to a visit that will change my whole Christian experience.We were 58 women in total lead by Rev Mrs Funke Felix Adejumo. We had one person join us from Australia, three persons from the US and two from the UK. We flew into Israel from Tel Aviv.
Our tour guide was simply fantastic. We visited a lot of places which included the western wall also known as the Wailing Wall. Had the opportunity of visiting the house of Simon the tanner, the mount of olives, mount camel, the empty tomb of Jesus to mention but a few.
The boat cruise on the Sea of Galilee was an unforgettable experience. The Dead Sea was also a beautiful encounter.
We had opportunity to gather every evening to pray although we prayed at every site visited.
Israel indeed is a really a place to visit as the bible comes alive.
I also remember the baptism experience at the river Jordan. The crown of it all is the JP ceremony where everyone was decorated with lapel pins as Jerusalem pilgrims .The food also was fantastic”
…Rachel Kayode-Adele.

“My trip to Israel was indeed a dream come true for I had always wanted to visit the holy land. It brought the bible alive to me as I could easily relate to the stories since I am kinesthetic in nature (a feeler ). I came to understand why the fig tree was cursed and much more. The visit to every site was awesome especially at Simon the tanner’s house… oh! I can’t forget it was awesome.
The food and hospitality of the people was splendid! Especially on Sabbath (friday). It was like a big wedding or feast with all kinds of delicacies and drinks(you don’t want to miss it).
I loved the language and picked some words like boker tov (good morning ) toda raba (thank you very much) and not to forget the famous shalom that means hello, welcome and goodbye. I can’t forget the song that we were taught by our tour guide. My son even sings it now (the peace song) wow! I could go on and on but one needs to….. how do they say a taste of the pudding is in the eating LOL.
All of these experiences were made possible by Dynax travels n tours the organization was par excellence indeed I had a great time and would recommend it to anyone. Still smiling from the experience”
…Joan Kpandei.

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This year the trip to tour Israel is slated for July 29 to August the 7th. Reach us on the following numbers to make your booking now. Remember spaces are limited on each tour, so hurry and do your booking now.

Rachel on 08023050778
Esther on 07069370693

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Come on board join Dynax travels for another encounter with the God of Israel as we depart from Lagos to Jerusalem, Israel and the rest of the Holy land together.