TrueCaller is an excellent Global Phone Numbers Directory available. You can easily search for any Mobile Number Globally and Locate the Persons Name within seconds with Number from TrueCaller. You can easily derive who the caller is, when you get call from New Number. It has got an Online Webpage and App for Mobile Phones. TrueCaller Apps are Made Available for Devices like Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Symbian 40 & 60. It has become very famous and widely used among users, in locating identity of the Numbers at ease. As much as it helps users in finding the identity of the Phone Number, it even has some Privacy Issues and Threats which may leads us to trouble.

As our Number is listed on TrueCaller Database, it is easily accessible by any person as it’s not private anymore and it can be at risk. Now recently TrueCaller Database was Hacked by Syrian Electronic Army (SEA). 450GB of Data was downloaded from the TrueCaller database and the hackers claim to have data of Million users of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Gmail which was connected via True Caller.

Where Does Truecaller Get Data?

With over 100 million users, Truecaller data is crowd-sourced from the millions  of users who have downloaded the Truecaller app on their smartphones. As part of the end user agreement, the Truecaller app asks the user to allow access to the user’s address book/contacts on the smartphone. This data is then uploaded by the app to the company’s servers.

After going through several data matching/refining algorithms, this data is made available to all Truecaller users to search upon.

So out of all the people who know you and have your contact number stored against your name in their phones – if even 1 person uses the Truecaller app, your contact number and name would end up in the Truecaller database.

This matter raises privacy concerns, and that is why the app was initially banned in the UK.

How to Unlist/Remove Your Number from Truecaller

It is however possible to unlist your number from their database: If you want to UNLIST your phone number then visit and UNLIST your number.