Google Kenya Top 10 Search Trends 2015

Google has officially releasedThe Google 2015 Year In Search report for Kenya. According to the report, this year’s most trending searches were from Kenya, high percentage was  driven by events and personalities.

Many kenyans seemed to want to know what teenage pregnancy is.This seems to imply that many Kenyans do not know what it is, or wanted to know what it is, speaks volumes about lack of knowledge about reproductive health.

Several periodic studies have always revealed that many Kenyan youth are more worried about getting pregnant than contracting sexually transmitted infections, thus engage in unprotected sex and then ingest emergency contraceptives.

Another oddity in the What is category was what is poverty, which came in third, after ‘What is Beatification’, which was informed by the beatification in Nyeri of Sister Irene Stefani in May 23.

What is POTUS (President of the Unites States) was number four, followed by What is Ebola, What is Climate Change, What is ISIS and What is Eurobond.

Another trending query was What is the Beast,’ which is the POTUS official vehicle. The visit by POTUS was the Most Trending Event, followed by the visit by Pope Francis in November.

The third Most Trending Event was the Garissa University attack in which 147 people lost their lives. The teachers’ strike was the fourth Most

Trending Event, followed by Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao’s fight of the century, Beatification of Nyaatha, Tanzania Elections, Paris Attacks,

Blood moon and COPA America. Fidel Odinga, who passed away in January tops lists in three categories of Most Trending general searches, Most Trending Kenyan personalities and Trending People we lost in 2015.

Trending People we lost in 2015 also has Gatundu South MP George Muchai, actress Nana Gichuru, author Grace Ogot and comedian Mzee Ojwang

‘How to’ Food and Nutrition searches

‘How to’ Love and Relationships searches