Starting Salary For Accountants With CPA And Masters in Kenya

Are you a recent CPA Graduate who is wondering what the starting salary of A CPA Holder in Kenya is?

A CPA course is one of the most marketable courses in Kenya today. As the demand for certified accountants increases, let me interest you by sharing with you the starting salary of a CPA Holder  in Kenya.

What Is The Starting Salary of A CPA Holder in Kenya?


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Who are the majority CPA Holders in Kenya?

Most CPA holders are people who have joined Colleges/Universities and have decided to supplement their Accounting Degree/Diploma Courses with a CPA. The other group of people includes those who have not been to any College/University and they have decided to enroll in a CPA Course first.

The good news about those who are already in the University/ College pursuing a CPA and those who have not yet gone to college is that the starting salary of a CPA holder in Kenya is roughly the same.

Does experience matter when it comes to determining the starting salary of a CPA Holder in Kenya?

Having a CPA course is considered to be a very valuable and most of the time experience is necessary for you to land a job as it is with all other careers.

In as much as a CPA is a solid course, you should have some working experience as an Intern especially with companies with a Finance or Accounting Department.

An internship will give you an edge over other candidates when it comes to applying for jobs. In a sense, previous work experience as an intern in Equity Bank, for example, will determine your starting salary as a CPA holder in Kenya.

Which jobs do entry level CPA holders get in the Kenyan Job Market?

I gathered information from a HR Professional and according to them; a person having a CPA and 0 years of work experience will often start working as an Accounts Assistant.

After working as an Accounts Assistant, you are promoted to a Junior Accountant, a Senior Accountant and the most senior Accounting Position is the Finance Director.

All these positions come gradually after practising an Accountant for a good number of years.

The starting salary of a CPA Holder in Kenya

In most companies such as Banks and Investment firms, the starting salary for their CPA holders is 30-40K.

30-40K is a relatively big range, and it is all dependent on some factors that may include your level of Education and the amount of work experience you have alongside your CPA.

How much did you think was the starting salary of a CPA holder in Kenya? Better still, how much are you being paid as a CPA holder in Kenya?

Source: Career Point Kenya