The days when just having a degree or diploma are long gone and now more and more employers are looking for people who have extra certificates.

Not only that but taking short courses can also help you get promoted or in some circumstances work as a substitute for you having a diploma or degree.

There are various short online courses that you can pursue in order to better your chances at getting a job or promotion.

Here are Some of the Short Online Courses You Can Pursue

1. Foreign Languages

If you have a dream of working for an NGO then this is very important.

Most NGO’s require one to know English and any other official foreign language they use.

This is because most NGOs operate in a multicultural environment and require frequent travel; this then makes it necessary for professionals in the sector to have knowledge of other languages.

For example, the official languages for the UN apart from English include; French, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic and Russian. When applying for a job here know of any of these foreign languages is an advantage.

2. Computer Packages

We are living in a time when computer knowledge is important and somewhat a must.

This is because most companies are going digital and as such, they need workers who can comfortably use a computer.

No one will want to hire a graduate who does not have knowledge of how to use a computer or send an email.

This is, therefore, a very important certificate to have if you want to improve your chances of getting a job.

3. IT relates certificates

IT is among one of the most marketable courses to pursue today. This is because of the growth of the digital era and the need for more IT professionals.

However, in order to be among the best paid IT professionals, a degree or diploma is not enough.

One needs to take certain short online courses in order to be valuable in the industry.

Companies like Google, Microsoft, Andela, Oracle and many more, pay their IT professionals very well but they also require certain skills that can only be learned through short courses.

The short courses an IT professional takes will depend on what path they plan on taking in their career.

There is the Microsoft certification course such as MCSE which is a course that is aimed at equipping one with the ability to design, install, setup and troubleshoot Microsoft based networks.

There is also the CISCO, CCNA which equips professionals with the ability to design, set up, install and maintain networks, including WAN and LAN networks.

Whatever short online course one chooses it will definitely set them apart from other candidates.

Imagine applying for a job with additional certification and someone else applying for the same job with just the diploma or degree, the person with additional certification will get priority because they have something more to offer.

Because of the ever demanding job market and increase in the number of job seekers, individuals have had to adapt in order to stay ahead of the competition.

This means taking short online courses to boost your career is not only advisable but almost mandatory.