Scondary or High  School Scholarships in Kenya from Banks

Now leading Banks in Kenya as a way of promoting their brands through their CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) haver resolved to offer  scholarship programs that target bright children who are are from poor backgrounds going to  high school.

The programs cater for the students’ school fees fully and also offer career mentorship to the successfully applicants

1. Equity Bank Wings To Fly Scholarships 2016

Equity Bank Wings To Fly Scholarships 2016  will give out 2,000 scholarships to school children entering high school. They target students with financial needs who scored more than  350 marks in primary school exams who’s results were announced last week. The program has helped over 10,000 since inception and students or their families can collect applications from their local bank branches. The support includes fees, pocket money, a pair of shoes each year and participation in a mentorship and leadership program. Also, in 2015, 65 students  received overseas university scholarships from the Foundations’ Equity Leaders Program.

2. KCB BANK Foundation  Scholaships in 2016

KCB BANK Foundation  Scholaships in 2016  program that will support 240 children from all counties through their secondary schools, and this will include tuition, uniform, books, and mentorship. KCB also has partnerships that support scholarships through the Palmhouse Foundation, Starehe Girls, & Starehe Boys schools, and others that donate books, renovate classes and provide water tanks to schools. The total figure is about Ksh 100 million ($1 million) for 2016. Their research shows that Kenya has one of the most expensive secondary education systems in Africa. Presently, fees for national and county schools range from KSh45,000 to KSh136,000 (~$1,360) year, which is not affordable for many parents.

3. Co-operative Bank Education Scholarships

Cooperative Bank is going to award scholarships to 655 children through their Foundation Scholarship Scheme for 2016. 420 will be selected by the bank and 235 will be awarded by county governments in each of the 47 counties in Kenya (at 5 per county).  The bank will also pay for university education of 130 of the top students in the secondary school examinations.

4. Family Bank Education Scholarship Fund

Family Bank has an education program that includes secondary school scholarships and a talent program that gives employment opportunities to top kids after high school.