This year, the Menengai Oil Refineries Ltd, is offering university scholarships to Kenyans from unprivileged background. The Scholarship Programme dubbed: The Menengai Cream Scholarship (Menengai Cream is the is a bar bar soap in Kenya manufactured by Menengai Oil Refineries Ltd. (MORL))
The Scholarship Programme is an undergraduate scholarship programme available to individuals who need financial aid to further their education. The programme looks to support all Kenyans who seek higher education but are not in a position to pursue it due to situations beyond their control.

Application period

If you believe you are the right individual for the scholarship, you are expecte to make your  application between October 15th  November 27th, 2015.

Successful applicants will receive a full scholarship. In the application, you are expected to explain how  getting a degree will transform your life in not more that 1,500 words.

Applicants must:

  • Be Kenyan Citizens;
  • Be planning to pursue a degree at an accredited Kenyan post-secondary institution or university;
  • Meet eligibility requirements for the post-secondary institution or university at which they wish to pursue a degree; and
  • Obtain admission at the accredited post-secondary institution or university.

To apply go to:

Get Scholarship Application Form Here

Menengai Oil Refineries Ltd. (MORL) is one of the leading providers for quality home care products in East & Africa. We provide cooking oil, fats, soaps and detergents.