Safaricom has announced a new data bundle plan that eliminates night bundles and allows customers to roll over their unused balance.

Customers used to get a 100 per cent increase on the amount of data bundles bought for use at night (called night shift bundles). This will be scrapped today at tonight.

Consumers will now buy and use their daily bundles within 24 hours.

Users will also be able to extend the validity period of their unused data bundles by renewing them.

A customer who has bought a 7MB daily bundle and uses 5MBs can buy another daily bundle and carry over the remaining 2MBs into the new validity period of one day.

Consumers had complained that they were not able to use all their bundles based on the existing conditions.

The new validity period will apply only for customers who make renewals before the earlier bundle expires.

“We have listened to our customers and we have made a relevant response. This is completely a new era in our data segment,” said Safaricom Chief Executive Bob Collymore.

Safaricom has been facing growing complaints from consumers over the validity period of their Internet bundles at a time when the government is pushing for the breakup of the company through a dominance Bill on its way to Parliament.

Mr Collymore, however, said the Bill would kill innovation and stop expansion.