Safaricom has finally launched their digital TV decoder after it announced one month ago.

The decoder, dubbed ‘theBigBox / ‘thebox’, will have 3G/4G internet capabilities, and will act as an inhouse WiFi router (hotspot) capable of connecting 10 devices.

theBIGbox opens up your world to an array of great entertainment. This is more than just a SET Top Box, it’s your gateway to 3G/4G Internet browsing capabilities, Internet hotspot (Wi-Fi) creation, YouTube streaming, 30 + FTA channels, USB and SD media playback for pictures, music and videos plus TV recording capabilities.

In what is set to be a game changer, The Box also has HD capabilities, perfect for video streaming straight to your TV.

It comes with all free to air channels, and will be able to receive Bamba channels like Al Jazeera.