Government Jobs: Rural Electrification Authority Jobs & Careers 2018

3 years ago

Apply for Job Opportunities at Rural Electrification Authority

The Rural Electrification Authority, a State Corporation established under the Energy Act No. 12 of 2006, is mandated to enhance provision of electricity in the rural areas of Kenya. It is also the lead agency in the development and promotion of renewable energy in Kenya. Through its mandate, the Authority seeks to improve the socio-economic well-being of Kenyans living in rural areas. Since commencing operations in the 2008/09 financial year, the Authority has endeavoured to realize this objective and through its efforts, 70% of all the public facilities now have electricity. Moving forward, the Authority will put more focus on renewable energy to provide electricity to areas far away from the national grid network. The Authority is looking for experienced, highly motivated and results oriented individuals to fill vacancies in the organization. The applicants must be self-driven individuals who are focused and committed to driving the REA mandate. They will work with their departmental teams in spearheading/embracing innovations, work ethics and must possess high level of integrity.

Rural Electrification Authority jobs Available

1. REA Finance & Administration Manager

Job Description

The General Manager will be in charge of Finance and Administration, Human Resource, Information & Communication Technology, Corporate Communication, Legal Services Departments, and Stores and Security Divisions, and provide administrative service to Board Secretariat and Procurement Departments.


Job Qualifications

Rural Electrification Authority jobs Available

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these jobs especially NGO jobs how does one get them,meaning what does it take to get the job?

l would like to work with REA,l have a diploma in electrical and electronics engineering.