ReelForge Systems is a media monitoring and intelligence company with its headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya. The company officially launched it’s service offerings in March 2008. Prior to formally launching the services, ReelForge Systems has been involved in research and development of our state-of-the-art media monitoring system since 2002. The monitoring and analysis tools that support the various services offered by ReelForge continue to be refined to deliver best-in-class media monitoring and analysis services and products to our customers

ReelForge Systems offers you the most comprehensive integrated media monitoring and analysis solutions in the market through three service offerings: Ad Monitoring and Analysis, Editorial Monitoring and Analysis and Music Copyright Monitoring services. ReelForge monitoring systems are based on a state-of-the-art infrastructure that enables capture of all broadcast media – radio and television – as well as selected print media in circulation.

Reelforge Media Monitoring is Kenya’s leading media monitoring company, monitoring over 120 leading companies/brands. We are currently providing media monitoring solutions to a wide variety of clients in both the public and private sector through our advanced state-of-the-art media monitoring solutions that are accurate, timely and cost effective.

Reelforge has five main products offerings with each of the products being supported by a personalized customer care service. Although because of the real-time reporting and user friendly on-line customer interface, customer requests for additional support is naturally very rare.

Why choose Reelforge?

Reelforge offers a truly innovative and modern service. The extra value-added services and reports combined with our online delivery via website makes Reelforge the only choice for organizations who require an accurate service in real-time.

Anvil; Ad Verification- All you need to be sure!

The main aim is to ensure that all adverts are run as they were booked
• Ensure no adverts are missed and if they are, make good is done on time
• Ensure adverts are run per your schedule
• Ensure adverts are not quality defective
At Reelforge, we monitor over 70 broadcast stations & 30 print publications 24/7 with an ability to roll out additional stations/publications.

Added Value: Access to an online platform, Compliance reports, Access to our data archive dating back to 2009, Access to industry expenditure by company/brand/media, Access to top spenders by company/brand/media, Access to industry adverts and play back function for ad verification.

ReelMedia; PR Monitoring- Track the success of communication campaigns!

The main aim is to monitor and track the success of press releases and communication campaigns
• Find information about partners, related organisations and specific issues relevant to the client.
• Monitoring data will help craft relevant messages, create effective campaigns and respond quickly to any press about your client.
• Monitoring gives client insights into whether communication media outreach campaigns are providing maximum value for money and impact.
• Benchmark client’s performance against ‘competitors’ to manage corporate and brand reputation.
Added Value: Access to an online platform, Daily alerts in the morning, access to industry stories, access to our database archive dating back to 2009.

ReelOnline; Online & Social Media monitoring- Track what consumers are saying about you or your brand online!

The service measures the quantity of online conversations, analyses the sentiments of your posts, the issues raised online and gives you the possibility to manage your social profiles.
• The tool is able to identify your conversation drivers and top influencers on your profile
• Captures real time internet/social media mentions on you and your brand(s) as well as peers
• Gives you daily email updates and determine major sources of Online coverage
• Benchmark yourself against your peers and inform you of the issues raised online
Added Value: Receive weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual online & social media analysis reports with insights and recommendations.


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