Public Service Commission Interview Questions In Kenya

With the PSC receiving thousands of applications each year, it is crucial that you are well versed with the possible interview questions that the Public Service Commission is known to ask.

Unfortunately, most candidates are often not prepared for these questions and are caught off-guard.

Today, let us evaluate the best responses you should have at your fingertips when you are shortlisted for that PSC job.

6 Public Service Commission Interview Questions And Answers In Kenya

1. Tell about yourself

This is a common and highly likely question in any if not all one on one interviews.

The golden rule of answering to answering the “tell me about yourself” is to focus on your technical skills as per the job description as well as focus on your soft skills and how they increase your job performance.

Restrain from delving into irrelevant and unrelated information such as where you were born, your personal life such as “I’m single/married” etc.

2. Why do you want to work for the Public Service Commission of Kenya?

This can be a tricky question but once you understand what the panel is looking for, you can secure the job at this stage alone by winning over their interest.

When asked this question, the best response is to show your understanding of the Public Service Commission of Kenya in terms of what the job entails. Research on the commission from their website and Linked In pages; study their press releases and media presence as well as latest happenings.

Match your response to the job description roles and company objectives.

3. What do you think is the future of the Public Service Commission of Kenya?

When answering this Public Service Commission interview question in Kenya, this is where you should appear very knowledgeable regarding PSC past and current achievements and future endeavors.

The best response to this is to showcase that you understand the mandate and tenders of the Public Service Commission of Kenya.

You must be abreast with the commission is mandated to do and the projections they plan to achieve in 2018.

4. Do you have relevant experience for this job?

This question requires that you bring out your experience as specifically as possible. Highlight your greatest achievements.

Avoid being general by glossing over your expertise. Remember you are not the only one applying for these jobs therefore plead your case by affirming your competence.

Match your experience to what is in the job description.

5. Are you aware of the benefits of being a government employee?

It would reflect badly on you if you attended an interview and you came across as ignorant of the benefits that the PSC of Kenya offers.

Do your research. Find out what benefits they offer for their employees such as healthcare, paid leave, sabbaticals, retirement and pension benefits etc.

The secret is to stand out from your competitors by proving to the panel you know exactly what you are getting into.

6. How did you hear about this job?

Here, indicate truthfully how you heard about the job whether you were perusing the Public Service Commission of Kenya website, on their social media pages, newspaper advert etc.

Avoid mentioning that a close relative or a friend who works there informed you. This may be construed as canvassing and could disqualify your candidacy.

Bear in mind,

The PSC jobs in Kenya are quite competitive. The commission received hundreds to thousands of applications in very short time frame after advertisement.

Stand out by preparing well for these possible interview questions. I hope this guide on the possible Public Service Commission interview questions in Kenya will give you the confidence you need to apply for PSC jobs.

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