NHIF Payment via MPESA Paybill & How to Register Online Procedure

Before we get into the procedure of making NHIF payments via MPESA here are some few things you may need to know;

  • You can manage your NHIF account from the comfort of your phone. Dial short code *263# and get started .
  • You can  make your NHIF payments at any KCB, NBK, Equity and Co-op bank branches countrywide
  • You can take charge of your NHIF account via mobile by downloading the NHIF Wallet app here

NHIF Payment via MPESA Paybill

How to make payments to your NHIF account via MPESA Pay Bill

Read the  procedure below on how to make payments to your National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) account via MPESA Paybill and how to register online.

  1. Select Pay Bill option
  2. Enter Business no. 200222
  3. Enter a/c no (Type in contributor’s National Identity card Number)
  4. Enter amount Type in the amount you wish to contribute
  5.  Enter pin Type in your M-pesa Pin
  6. Confirm all details are correct then press OK
  7. You will receive a confirmation SMS from Mpesa immediately.

How to register  for NHIF  account for the self employed

  • Visit http://www.nhif.or.ke/healthinsurance/registeronline/
  • Click Self Employed on the Menu
  • Enter your National ID/Passport/Alien ID
  • If the Provided ID id Valid, the System will allow you to continue.
  • Fill in all form fields.
  • Attach a Scanned Copy of Your ID/PassPort/Alien Id.
  • Attach PassPort Photo.
  • If married, attach Your Marriage Certificate.
  • Click Save. If you filled in all fields, the application will be submitted
  • The system will notify you of the Application Status
  • The system will also send a Notification SMS to the Contributor’s Mobile Number
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Frequently Asked NHIF Questions

QUESTION: How much does the self employed contribute per month?

  • ANSWER: Informal sector members pay Ksh. 500 per month.

QUESTION: How do i get my NHIF statement online?

  • ANSWER: You can  write to [email protected] and request for your e-statement. Remember to include your ID number.

QUESTION: What are the penalties or fine for NHIF late payments?

  • ANSWER: Any late payment attracts a fine/penalty that is double the principle. However, members have two options, 1.) Paying the penalty and their a/c regularized OR 2.) Not paying the penalty but instead a/c’s will be restricted for 60 days where they will not be able to access any NHIF services. *When a member’s a/c has been dormant for more than 12 months, they only have option 2

Do you have any other  National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) related inquiry. Write to [email protected] or visit official website or portal http://www.nhif.or.ke