Infinix Mobility has finally  launches the Flagship killer” Infinix Zero 2  (X509)  in the Kenyan Market

On  Monday 13thJuly, 2015, the  leading Smartphone and tablet manufacturer Infinix Mobility and online store launched a premium smartphone device – Infinix X509(Zero2) into the Kenyan market. Coming in the wake of a successful launch of the revolutionary Infinix Hot Note (X551), which continues to gain popularity among users owing to its long – lasting battery, the Infinix Zero2 (X509) promises an even better experience, coupled with a classy design that connotes style and class.

The Zero2 device is set to fulfil aspirations of young entrepreneurs, professionals and even students looking to enjoy quality, by delivering great functionality and style at an incredibly affordable price. The Infinix X509 device has been carefully designed to meet both the social and productivity needs this market segment and further sets out to benchmark the quality of affordable, yet trendy, smartphones available in the Kenyan market today.

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Announcing the launch, Infinix Mobility Co-Founder and Managing Director Mr. Benjamin Jiang said the Infinix X509 Zero2 device presents yet another opportunity for Kenyans to experience futuristic technology and cutting edge innovation from Infinix Mobility.

Mr. Jiang said: “We acknowledge Kenya’s agility in mobile innovation and we are keen to grow our presence in this market with a view of giving the young people in Kenya a device that will deliver to them the best experience and even spur their creative imagination.”

“Today’s launch of the Zero2 Device is a significant milestone for us as Infinix Mobility, as we continue to develop great devices that are aimed at addressing the growing demands of this dynamic population,” he added.

  • New smartphone to target the youth, young professionals and students
  • The New Smartphone will be touted through the hashtag #ZeroToHero on social media

Infinix Mobility Head of Marketing Mr. Peter Zhou remarking on the launch said the company is committed to providing affordable devices through the factory-to-consumer model, which reduces channel costs hence making the devices more affordable than most competing brands.

“Putting a quality smartphone in the hands of every deserving user is our key motivation. Through the factory-to-consumer model, we are powerfully improving lives by providing devices that enhance productivity,” said Mr. Zhou.