Hackers steal User Data From Ashley Madison, A Site Where Married People Seek  extra marital Affairs    

Today was a gloomy day for users of the renowned  mpango wa kando (extramarital affairs)  web service Ashley Madison The exta martal affairs website which is believed to add little spice into your life is claimed to have been attacked by hackers by the name The Impact Team. The Hackers claim to have gained full access to the site’s database and other records, potentially exposing the personal information of its 37 million registered users.

Attackers, The Impact Team, published a range of random user data that they claim to have snatched from ALM — the parent company behind Ashley Madison, Cougar Life and Established Men. They also appear to have gotten access to company servers and employee information, that includes details such as company bank account information and salaries.

The hackers are  threatening to release the full data set that it claims to have, unless Ashley Madison — which is one of the internet’s most notorious places to seek out an affair — is shut down.

The hackers also claim, that the ‘Full Delete,’ a feature that wipes a user’s data from ALM’s servers for a one-off $19 fee, is not what the company claims it is. The group claimed that customer information — including contact details and credit card numbers — is still on the servers despite paying for the wipe.

In an announcement, ALM said it has launched “a thorough investigation” after it was made “aware of an attempt by an unauthorized party to gain access to our systems.”

 ‘ We are the Impact Team ‘. pic.twitter.com/IDGpvPnH1m