Motor Cycle Mechanics Course Sensei Institute of Technology

Qualification: National ID
Duration: 2 months

Motorcycle Mechanics…..OFFER….

Free Motor Cycle driving classes for Motor Cycle Mechanics Students

Motorcycles are every where in Kenya.They break down every minute. Get skills on how to repair, maintain and upgrade the engine, wind shields, exhaust, guards, hand controls and variuos parts of a motorcycle.

The hands-on training at Sensei Institute guarantee you the ability to work on any type of a Motorcycle. Motorcycle Mechanics course is offered on a full time practical basis on our fully equiped workshops in our Nakuru Campuses.

And you know what? Repairing a motor cycle is much easier than  a car and opportunities to start your own workshop are very many.

Enroll now for a Motor Cycle Mechanics short course.

Offer: In case you do not have a driving licence,we train you motor cycle driving for FREE.

Fee Structure

  • The course will take a duration of 2 months.
  • The fee for dayscholars is a total of Ksh 55,000 and boarders Ksh 69,000 for boif paid per month is as follows-  dayscholars per month is Kshs 27,500 and boarders Kshs 34,500 per month.
  • (The fee is payable in 2 equal installments)

The above fee structure does not include exams for motor cycle driving. Should you wish to sit for exams under NTSA, you will add an additional Kshs 7,000 for examination and endorsement of a motor cycling driving licence.