Are you looking for the Most Marketable Courses in Kenyan Universities? You may have just finished school or are just looking to pursue another course to better your chances in the job market.

The unemployment rate in Kenya right now has hit a staggering rate and one needs to be armed with the right tools.

In a survey conducted earlier this year by Corporate Staffing Services in collaboration with IHRM, a majority of employers said that they were not looking to hire this year or introduce new positions.

Based on this survey and the current job market, here are the most marketable courses in Kenya today.

Most Marketable Courses in Kenyan Universities

1. Bachelor of Commerce

No matter what anyone says, this still remains one of the most relevant courses in Kenya today.

However, the course is most marketable if it is combined with professional certificate course like CPA, CPS, CFA, ACCA OR CIFA.

2. Digital Marketing

This is basically a very new industry and the next big thing in the future. Digital marketers are in demand and you are lucky if you have a course in digital marketing.

Nowadays there are colleges offering it as a short course.

3. Software engineering/web design

The growth of the internet, social media and mobile applications has created opportunities for software engineers and web designers.

We designers have a chance to create and manage websites for major companies making this one of the courses that you should consider pursuing.

4. Medicine

This is and still remains the most marketable course in Kenya. If you have the resources and the passion, this is one of the courses that you should enroll in.

5. Structural engineering/ architecture

These two courses go together and are regarded as some of the best courses in the engineering sectors to pursue.

With real estate growing at a high rate, the demand for architects and structural engineers continues to rise.

6. Nursing/Pharmacy

These are some of the courses that are often overlooked but one with a potential to turn your life around.

A degree in pharmacy could accord you your own business.

7. Quantity survey

If you are looking for a course to do that can make you rich in no time, then pursue a course on quantity survey.

It a wonderful courses, not very flooded making it very marketable.

8. Statistics

Statistics is both marketable at undergraduate and postgraduate level. Professionals in this line of career are some of the highest paid and get jobs easily.

The average salary of entry-level job seekers with this course is about 75K.

9. Monitoring and Evaluation

With this kind, of course, it doesn’t matter what level you are at. It is one of the most marketable courses and one that you can pursue this year or next year.

Monitoring and evaluation graduate are in demand in the NGO sector.

10. Real Estate

This is basically one of the new courses in Kenya making it very marketable.

Real estate had emerged as one of the most marketable courses in Kenya to pursue if you desire to work in the lucrative real estate industry.

There is not bad or good course but there are marketable courses in Kenya. At the end of the day getting a job depends on your effort and how good you are. Source: Career Point Kenya

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I like your article but I would like you to research deeply about software engineering vs computer science… advice them to go for the best software engineering sounds great by its name,but I think most employers go for cs grads and cs grads have more skills.

am doing statistics as a course should I add a CFA or CPA certificate

what about applied statistics with computing? is it the same with statistics?

I just did my kcse lastyear but I love this courses more so the REAL ESTATE,QUANTITY SURVEY,ARCHITECTURE,,, ABOUT digital marketing is it a must that I had done Business studies as a subject?

Kindly I am seeking advice.I did my KCSE last year and scored B- of 58 points,can someone tell me the best course for me.

I had a B plain in last years kcse what is the beet course for me…i need help

is there any difference between economic and statistics and statistics alone

How points to be attained to do a bachellors degree

I scored a B- last year and would like to join kenyatta university advice me on which course to pursue