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Maternity Packages in Nairobi Kenya


Find affordable maternity hospitals in Nairobi and information about Coptic hospital Nairobi maternity charges. Here you will get to know Nairobi women’s Hospital maternity charges, Avenue hospital Nairobi maternity and Mp Shah maternity package. The list has Karen hospital maternity package, Kenyatta hospital private wing maternity charges and Nairobi hospital maternity wards.

Maternity package is the cost involved in the care and treatment given during pregnancy and delivery of a newborn child. It involves the psychological needs of the mother, the care provided during labor, the birthing process, prenatal care and some postpartum care. Maternity packages are designed to take out any financial burden in preparation to having a baby.

Since normal delivery is not always a guarantee, mothers-to-be or an expectant couple(s) need to have saved up some money and also be psychologically prepared for it. Moreover, if your insurance company covers for the maternity package, the better.

The cost of maternity package in Nairobi differs from one hospital to another. Below are maternity packages in some hospitals in Nairobi;

Hospital Normal Delivery (Ksh) Caesarian (Ksh)
Nairobi hospital 95,000 210,000
The Nairobi Women’s Hospital 30,000 – 64,000 145,000
Avenue Hospital 25,000 85, 000 – 155,000
Coptic Hospital 40, 000 100, 000
Ruaraka Uhai Neema Hospital 12, 000 31,000
St. Mary’s Lang’ata 12,000 20, 000
Kenyatta Hospital (Private Wing) 35, 000 – 53, 000 100, 000 – 152,000
Jamaa Hospital 60, 000 110, 00 – 140, 000
Mater Hospital 60, 000 165, 000
MP Shah 130, 000 260, 000
Aga Khan Hospital 120, 000 220, 000
Metropolitan Hospital 50, 000 100, 000
Guru Nanak Hospital 45, 000 155, 000
Karen Hospital 100, 000 180, 000.

Best Maternity Hospitals in Kenya: Giving birth Packages, Pregnancy Test

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One of the objectives of focused antenatal care is assisting a patient decide on a preferred hospital where she will deliver. The importance of making this choice beforehand is to enable the mother to familiarize with the hospital environment and staff where necessary, budget for delivery expenses and prepare for transport to hospital in the event of labour or any emergencies. To some this may be a very easy choice to make while to others it may be quite taunting.  Most people will decide to go to a certain hospital based of the experiences of their family members and close friends in those hospitals. Some of the factors that most women will take into consideration are but not limited to proximity of the hospital, preparedness to handle emergencies, quality of services, attitude of staff and affordability.

Best Maternity Hospitals in Kenya and packages

Below is a list of top maternity hospitals in a Nairobi and brief description of what they offer, This information would assist potential mothers make an informed choice as to where to deliver.

  1. Aga khan University hospital

The Aga Khan University Hospital (AKUH) is one of the high end private hospitals providing excellent maternity services preferred by many. They offer well integrated maternity services from antenatal care, birth preparedness, labour and post-delivery care of the newborn and mother. It also hosts the most expensive and most prestigious maternity unit, princess Zahra pavilion labour, delivery and recovery unit. AKUH generally advocates for normal delivery unless it is an emergency. They offer a range of pain relief methods including nitrous oxide gas and epidural anaesthia. Normal delivery costs around Kshs 120,000while caeserian section costs around Kshs 220,000. (The hospital is located in Parklands area. Get map direction or Location)

  1. Nairobi hospital

Nairobi hospital is reputed for its high standards and state-of-the-art equipment and infrastructure. The hospital has two maternity packages that is the normal delivery package and the caeserian section package. The Normal delivery package costs approximately Kshs 95,000 and the Caeserian section package that costs approximately Kshs 210,000. However, a number of costs are not covered in this amounts like doctor’s fee, anesthetics fee, pediatrician fees, theatre fees and antibiotics. (The hospital is located in Argwings Kodhek Rd)

  1. Nairobi women’s hospital

By the virtue that Nairobi Womens majorly focuses on women issues most people have found favour in attending this hospital for their maternity services. They offer a range of products for normal patients and private patients. Patients can either choose to be delivered by a midwife, a resident obstetrician or their own private obstetrician.

Nairobi Women’s hospital waiting area, nice hospital for giving birth/Photo
  1. Mater Hospital

Mater Hospital maternity package entails antenatal visits, delivery and postnatal care. Being a hospital that is primarily owned Catholic nuns, their values are anchored in the catholic faith. Normal delivery is approximately Kshs 60,000;  Caeserian delivery Kshs 165,000.

  1. MP. Shah

M.P. Shah Hospital is a multi-super-specialty, state-of-the art, tertiary care hospital that provides a variety of choices of maternity care available to the mother-to-be they incude Hospital Doctor based care, Midwifery care and private obstetric care. At M.P. Shah deliveries are normally conducted by obstetricians whether private or resident. Important to note is that they do offer epidural for pain relief during labour. Normal delivery approx Kshs130,000; Caeserian delivery Kshs260,000.

  1. Coptic Hospital

Coptic hospital offers attractive maternity packages including free ambulance services from the place of residence to hospital. The offer epidural anesthesia for mothers who want pain free delivery. Normal delivery is approximately Kshs 40,000; Caesarian delivery Kshs100,000. (Coptic Hospital is located in Ngong Road, Opposite China Centre).

  1. AIC Kijabe

Most people praise this hospital because of its cost friendliness. Their maternity services are quality yet affordable, with an NHIf card delivery is absolutely free. The staff are said to be friendly too. The major setback is that it is quite a distance from Nairobi.

  1. Kenyatta National Hospital

KNH enjoys a large pool of experienced midwives and doctors as compared to other public hospitals. Being a referral hospital it is usually more prepared to handle emergencies in terms of staffing and resources. Maternity services in KNH both private and general labor wards are commendable. In the private wing normal delivery costs an approximate of Kshs 45,000 while caesarian section delivery cost an approximate of Kshs 135,000. In the General delivery units, NHIF card holders deliver free of charge. The General wards are normally overcrowded and may not be appealing to mothers who need privacy and personalized care.