The procedure for choosing a course of best fit has been outlined clearly by all universities and the placement body KUCCPS. For one to qualify for a certain course there is a certain number of points you have to achieve in the four (4) subjects that are considered the most relevant for the course.

New Update: KUCCPS Second and Final Revision for Degree and Diploma Courses for 2016/2017 Placement

For instance, the College of Health Sciences in JKUAT considers Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics/ Physics and English/ Kiswahili as their cluster subjects:


And the subject grouping is as follows

Weighted Cluster Points

(Please note that this article is based on past admissions. At the time of publishing this article, KUCCPS had not released the cluster points for KCSE 2014 candidates. It should therefore serve for illustrative purposes ONLY.)

Here is how to calculate the weighted cluster points to check whether you qualify for admission to take a particular course at a Kenyan University or not.

How the Weighted Cluster Points are arrived at:

KUCCPS provides a list of cluster subjects for each university course usually during course revision at the provincial head quarters.

To get the weighted cluster points, you need to determine:

  1. The Raw Cluster Points
  2. Basic Aggregate point

The Raw Cluster Point: The maximum points for any cluster (four subjects) are 48 points – assuming a student scored grade ‘A’ in all the four subjects (12 *4).  The total points of the four cluster subjects are calculated based on a students result slip. This total is also called the Raw Cluster Points.

The points are as follows:

Basic Aggregate Point: The Basic aggregate point is the aggregate value of the student’s grade. For example, a student could have an A- (minus) of aggregate points between of 74  and 80 points. This is usually indicated on the results slip.

Calculating the Weighted Cluster Point

The following formula is used to calculate the weighted cluster point:

w = Weighted Cluster Point
c = Raw Cluster Point
a = Aggregate Cluster Point

Here is a sample of a table with precalculated Weighted Cluster Points based on the fomula above.

With this table, simply match your Basic Aggregate points on the Verticle Axis and your Raw Cluster points for a given course on the Horizontal Axis and read the Weighted Cluster Point at their intersection.

Please note that this might not be the same formula applied to arrive at the weighted cluster points for KCSE 2014 candidates, however , it gives an idea of how the weighted cluster method affects ones qualification for a given course.

Examples of Cut Off Points for University Admissions

To give you an idea of what to expect with this year’s cluster points, here is an example of previous points used by the University of Nairobi, JKUAT, Kenyatta University and Maseno University.

The last figure at the end of each Degree course is the Previous KCSE Cut Off Points for admission to that particular course. In other words, that figure represents the Weighted Cluster Points as discussed above.

University of Nairobi



Kenyatta University

Maseno University


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