The KRA M-Service (Mpesa)

Kenya Revenue Authority in its bid to improve service delivery to its clients, the taxpayers, has implemented a mobile phone-based services platform, The KRA M-Service.

The KRA M-Service has two service components i.e.

1. SMS and USSD Informational Services

The SMS and USSD informational services are meant to have the taxpayer access specific information held in KRA by making simple queries on SMS or the menu driven USSD. This is aimed to decongest KRA banking halls as taxpayers will be enabled to get the information through their mobile phones rather than by visiting KRA offices.

The services are uniformly available through the following mobile network operators:

a) Airtel               b) Orange              c) Safaricom                                                    

For successful SMS query, you are required to have some basic information (identifier) of what you are querying for e.g. Vehicle Registration Number, Simba Entry Number, etc. You should then send the SMS in the format recommended for the particular service to SMS Number 22572.

See Guide KRA m-SERVICE GUIDE – SMS & USSD Information Services

The USSD Service is menu driven and you are required to dial the USSD code *572# to access the menu. You should then type in the relevant identifier for the service sought e.g. PIN, Vehicle Registration Number, Simba Entry Number, etc.

The services available in these two platforms are listed below:

  • Domestic Taxes: Individual PIN Checker, Company PIN Checker, Tax Compliance Certificate Status Checker, Tax Station Enquiry.
  • Customs Services: Clearing Agent Status, Manifest Status, Manifest Amendment Status, BL/AWB Status, IDF Status, Entry Status Validation, Direct Assessment Amount Payable, Temporary Car Exportation Status, Simba Entry Amount Payable, F147 Amount Payable, Simba Entry Payment Status, F147 Payment Status
  • Traffic Revenue: Logbook Postage Status, Driving License Postage Status, Driving License Classes.

This service attracts a network operator charge of KES 5.

2. Mobile Payment of All Taxes & E-slip Generation for Traffic Revenue fees

The mobile payment system is meant to simplify the tax payment process as well as provide taxpayers with a more convenient alternative for payment of various taxes that amount to KES 70,000 or below.

The mobile payment service is available on:

KRA Payment of Domestic Taxes with Mpesa

  • Safricom MPESA using the Paybill option with KRA Business Number: 572572
  • Airtel Money by dialing the KRA USSD code *572# and selecting 2. Payment

To make payments, the taxpayer needs obtain a unique KRA Payment Reference Number (E-Slip Number) online from KRA business systems as follows:

  • Domestic Taxes – iTax
  • Customs Services – Simba
  • Traffic Revenue – By dialing the KRA USSD code *572# and selecting the E-Slip Generation self service menu.

They can then proceed to make payment using the e-slip number provided using funds in their mobile wallet. This mode of payment applies to all taxes from Domestic Taxes, Customs Services and Traffic Revenue as long as they are associated with an e-slip number and are KES 70000 or below.

The E-Slip generation process is only available on Airtel & Safaricom. This service attracts a network operator charge of KES 5.

See Mobile Payment & E-Slip Generation User Guides

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