Kenya College of Accountancy University Fees Structure 2019/2020

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  1. Certificate In Business Management.
  2. Certificate In Entrepreneurship
  3. Certificate. In Entrepreneurship Practice
  4. Certificate & Diploma in Business Information Technology
  5. Certificate & Diploma in Business Management
  6. Certificate & Diploma in Early Childhood Psychology
  7. Diploma in Business Mgmt.
  8. Diploma in County Governance
  9. Diploma in Information Technology
  10. Diploma in Business Management
  11. Diploma in Human Resource Management.
  12. Diploma in Purchasing & Supplies
  13. Diploma In Procurement & Logistics

KCA university fees structure CPA

KCA University Diploma courses

KCA university fees structure 2019

KCA university intake 2019-2020

KCA University distance learning

KCA university e learning

KCA University BCOM Units


Pay via MPESA!

KCA University M-KARO Tuition Fees Payment Procedure 

  1. Go to your ‘Safaricom’ on your Mobile Phone

  2. Select ‘M-PESA

  3. Select ‘Payment Services

  4. Select ‘Pay Bill

  5. ‘Enter Business no.’ Enter 400222

  6. ‘Enter Account no’ Enter 2358#1234567-2013 (2358 is the unique code for KCA University and 1234567-2013 is the student’s admission number – just an example).

  7. ‘Enter amount’ Enter 30,038.50 (Where 30,000.00 is the school fees and KES 38.50 is the Bank’s commission)

The school account will be credited with exactly KES. 30,000 as KES 38.50 is the bank’s commission. If you send exactly KES 30,000 without the transfer fee of Kshs. 38.50; the university’s  account will be credited with KES 29,961.50.

  1. Enter your M-PESA PIN
  2. Confirm the particulars of the payment and if OK, select SEND

 You will receive 2 Notification SMS:

  • An SMS from Safaricom M-PESA providing the details input plus a unique transaction ID.

  • A confirmation SMS from Co-operative Bank with the payment details including student’s full name.

This SMS serves as a receipt for the payment.

Fees Payment

KCA University recognizes the big task of collating university fees and as such is one of the very few universities in the region that operates a flexible mode of paying fees. The University accepts a variety of payment methods, and will be flexible in its approach to collecting tuition fees payments from those required to do so. The Credit Control office at the university is always at hand to discuss fees payment modes to ensure that student learning is not affected by fees requirements.

Additional Fees/Costs

A number of the University’s degree schemes offer opportunities for students to undertake special study activities. The cost of involvement in such courses is not covered within the University course fees. These activities include fieldwork trips and academic tours among others. Students of other subjects may also incur additional costs for trips organized to places of specific interest for their studies and for the purchase of materials. Details of any additional study courses, and the likely cost, are included in the information that departments circulate at the start of term.

Financial Aid

Financial Aid

KCA University administers a robust financial aid program for students with need-based financial aid. Like you, we believe an investment in education is an investment for the future. As such, we offer a range of undergraduate scholarships and awards in recognition of outstanding academic achievements, leadership qualities and special talents.

To qualify for the aid programs, candidates must meet all general financial aid eligibility requirements and some additional conditions as outlined for respective schemes. All programs require enrollment at KCA University. 

Work Study

The Work-Study Scheme may be offered as a component of the financial aid package to needy students. The scheme enables needy students to supplement their finances through part-time work on-campus and helps students get some work experience. 

Below are terms and conditions of the scheme:

Applicants must be enrolled as a full-time day student and must have completed at least one semester of study at the University.

Applicants must have obtained a minimum qualification of B- and above in KCSE

Eligibility for this aid is determined by the amount of financial need you have.

Applicants must demonstrate a high degree of self discipline

Applicants participation under the scheme is for only one year. Continued participation will depend on the assessed eligibility of the applicant based on fresh application for financial aid each year.

Applications into the scheme are received in the month of January through the Dean of Students office.

Chancellors Scholarship

 The Chancellors is a competitive annual scholarship that will be given to outstanding students with exceptional academic results. A merit based award, the Chancellors Scholarship covers tuition fees only and is open to top ranking students of the Kenya Certificate of Secondary of Education (KCSE). 

Below are terms and conditions of the scheme:

The scholarship is only valid for KCA University undergraduate programs.

Applicants must have obtained a minimum qualification of A- and above in KCSE (With minimum of B+ in English and Mathematics) and have completed Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education within the last 2 years of application.

Applicants must be between 18 to 23 years old as at the time of application.

Applicants must not have received academic sponsorship from another learning institution.

Applicants must be of Kenyan Nationality.

The scholarship applications are subject to university’s invitation (mostly in the form of press advertisements) and payment of a nominal application fees.

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good afternoon,
am a parent,
please give me the entry requirements for Bsc in SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT and fee structure.
please let me also know the next intake.

a student enquiring CPA fees structure sec 2 and 3

good morning, i am parent please give me IT fee structure 2 semester