The University Of Kabianga is located in the famous Tea growing Highlands of Kericho District, this is in the Southern end of Rift Valley province of Kenya, it is about 26 kilometers from Kericho town and 6 Kilometers off Kericho- Kisii road. The college is a constituent of Moi University, the vision of the college is Naturing Innovation and Talent. The Kabianga history date back in the 1950’s it has been a training complex including Kabianga Primary School andn Kabianga Secondary School, it has been a training center for excellence for farmers. The current Kericho teachers training college was situated at the Kabianga Training complex until early 1960’s and it relocated to Kericho town. Email: [email protected].

University of Kabianga Courses offered  are Diploma, Degree, Masters, PhD, University of Kabianga Courses Schools and Faculty, Certificate, Diploma, Bridging, Undergraduate Degree, Postgraduate, Doctor of Philosophy, Doctorate

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School of Education and Social Sciences

Bachelor of Education (Arts) and Bachelor of Education (Science), the admission requirement for these Courses include;

  • Minimum mean grade of C+ at KCSE or
  • A diploma holder in Education from recognized institution ( the admission takes place at the 2nd year of study
  • Applicants with P1 and S1 Certificates may be considered for Bachelor of Education (Early child hood and Primary Education, Guidance and Counseling, the applicant joins the first year of study
  • Applicants of Bachelor of Education must have at least grade C (plain) in Mathematics at KCSE level.

BSc Communication and Public Relations

The admission requirements for this course include;

  • Minimum grade of C+ in KCSE level and at least C+ in English and C(plain) in Mathematics or
  • A Diploma in Public Relations, Journalism, IT or Human Resource Management with a Distinction or Credit on the same.

School of Business and Economics

The courses offered in this department include; Bachelor of Business Management, the admission requirement for this course includes the following;

  • KCSE mean grade of C+ and at least C(plain) in Mathematics or Accounts or Commerce and English at KCSE level or
  • 2 principal passes and one subsidiary pass at A level and at least pass in Mathematics and English at O level or
  • CPA/ CPS holders from recognized Institutions (maybe admitted in the second year or 3rd year of study ) or
  • Ordinary or HND Diploma holders in Business related course from recognized institution (maybe admitted in the 2nd or 3rd year of study).

 BSc Human Resource Management

The admission requirements to this course are as follows;

  • Mean grade of C+ and at least C (plain) in English and C (plain) in Mathematics or Diploma in Human Resource Management or Business related field with Distinction or Credit.

 Bachelor of Art (Economics)

  • Mean grade of C+ at KCSE and at least C (plain)in English and Mathematics or
  • Two principal passes at A level or
  • A diploma in development related field

 School of Science and Technology

The courses offered in this department include;

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.), B.Sc. (Computer science), BSc (Applied Statistics with Computing). The admission requirements for this course include the following;

  • A minimum grade of C+ at KCSE leve or its equivalent and at least a C+ in Mathematics, physics or Physical Sciences or
  • Two principal passes one of which must be in Mathematics or Physics at A level or
  • KNEC diploma in Computer studies or its equivalent from recognized institution.

School of Agriculture and Biotechnology

Courses offered are; BSc (Horticultural Sciences and Management) and BSc (Horticultural Bio-systems and Management)

School of Natural Resources Management, the degree offered under this School is Bachelor of Science (Agro- forestry and Rural Development)

New programs in the University

  • Bachelor of Pharmacy (B. Pharm).
  • Bachelor of Arts (Public Administration).
  • Bachelor of Science (Biochemistry).
  • Bridging courses (Various).

University of Kabianga PhD Courses/Programmes

  1. PhD Literature
  2. PhD Kiswahili
  3. Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration

University of Kabianga Masters Courses/Programmes

  1. Master of Arts in Literature
  2. Master of Arts in Kiswahili
  3. Master of Environmental Studies: Environmental Planning and Management (EPM)
  4. Master of Science in Forestry (Tropical Forest Biology and Silviculture)
  5. Master of Science in Agroforestry
  6. Master of Science in Agricultural Extension
  7. Master of Science in Agricultural Economics and Resource Management
  8. Master of Science in Statistics
  9. Master of Science in Pure Mathematics
  10. Master of Science in Applied Mathematics
  11. Master of Science in Chemistry
  12. Master of Science in Microbiology
  13. Master of Business Administration (Executive)
  14. Master of Business Administration
  15. Master of Education in Leadership and Policy in Education (Executive)
  16. Master of Education in Educational Administration and Planning
  17. Master of Education in Early Childhood and Primary Education
  18. Master of Education in Educational Psychology
  19. Master of Education in Guidance and Counselling
  20. Master of Education in Educational Communication and Technology
  21. Master of Business Management

University of Kabianga Undergraduate Degree Courses/Programmes

  1. Bachelor of Science in Communication and Public Relations
  2. Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration
  3. Bachelor of Environmental Studies
  4. Bachelor of Science in Forestry
  5. Bachelor of Science in Agroforestry and Rural Development
  6. Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Extension Education
  7. Bachelor of Science in Horticulture
  8. Bachelor of Science in Agriculture
  9. Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Economics and Resource Management
  10. Bachelor of Nursing (Upgrading)
  11. Bachelor of Science in Clinical Medicine
  12. Bachelor of Science in Environmental Health
  13. Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
  14. Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Science
  15. Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
  16. Bachelor of Science in Applied Statistics with Computing
  17. Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, Botany, Physics, Zoology and Chemistry
  18. Bachelor of Arts (Economics)
  19. Bachelor of Science, Human Resource Management
  20. Bachelor of Hotel and Hospitality Management
  21. Bachelor of Business Management
  22. Bachelor of Tourism Management
  23. Bachelor of Education (Guidance and Counselling)
  24. Bachelor of Education ECDE (Early Childhood and Primary Education)
  25. Bachelor of Education Science
  26. Bachelor of Science in Nursing
  27. Bachelor of Science in Microbiology
  28. Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry
  29. Bachelor of Science (Applied Statistics with Computing)
  30. Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, Botany, Physics, Zoology, and Chemistry
  31. Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
  32. Bachelor of Education Arts
  33. Bachelor of Science in Information Science and Knowledge Management

University of Kabianga Diploma Courses

  1. Diploma in Agroforestry
  2. Diploma in Environmental Health Science
  3. Diploma in Clinical Medicine
  4. Diploma in Computer Science
  5. Diploma in Tourism Management
  6. Diploma in Hotel and Restaurant Management
  7. Diploma in Economics
  8. Diploma in Information Sciences
  9. Diploma in Human Resource Management
  10. Diploma in Guidance and Counselling
  11. Diploma in Education (Science)
  12. Diploma in Education (Arts)
  13. Diploma in Early Childhood Development and Primary Education ECDE

University of Kabianga Certificate Courses

  1. Certificate in French
  2. Certificate in Computer Skills
  3. Certificate in Information Technology
  4. Certificate in Computer System Technology
  5. Certificate in Business Administration

University of Kabianga Bridging Courses

  1. Bridging Course in Mathematics
  2. Bridging Course in Biology
  3. Bridging Course in Chemistry
  4. Bridging Course in Physics

Degrees offered by University of Kabianga & Cluster Points

Degree/ Degree Code/ Cluster Group/ Previous KCSE Cut off Points for Admission (Mean Grade Required)

1. Bachelor of Science (Nursing) – 26132 – 18 – 42
2. Bachelor of Science (Computer Science) – 26115 – 11 – 38
3. Bachelor of Science (Actuarial Science) – 26107 – 7 – 39
4. Bachelor of Science (Biochemistry) – 26112 – 18 – 36
5. Bachelor of Science (Agricultural Extension Education) – 26417 – 20 – 34
6. Bachelor of Science (Agriculture) – 26122 – 20 – 31
7. Bachelor of Science (Horticulture) – 26185 – 20 – 25
8. Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) – 26120 – 13 – 34
9. Bachelor of Education (Science) –  26137 – 13 – 36
10. Bachelor of Education (Arts) – 26135 – 3 – 34
11. Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood and Primary Education) –  26268 – 3 – 25
12. Bachelor of Hotels and Hospitality Management – 26222 – 2 – 31
13. Bachelor of Business Management –  26151 – 7 – 33
14. Bachelor of Science (Environmental Health) – 26188 – 18 – 37
15. Bachelor of Science (Microbiology) – 26123 – 18 – 35
16. Bachelor of Environmental Studies – 26229 – 21 – 25
17. Bachelor of Arts (Economics) – 26145 – 7 – 35
18. Bachelor of Science (Information Technology) – 26150 – 11 – 33
19. Bachelor of Science (Forestry) – 26330 – 20 – 25
20. Bachelor of Science (Communication and Public Relations) – 26477 – 3 – 33
21. Bachelor of Science (Human Resource Management) –  26189 – 3 – 32
22. Bachelor of Tourism Management – 26157 – 2 – 32
23. Bachelor of Arts (Public Administration) – 26159 – 2 – 36
24. Bachelor of Science (Agroforestry and Rural Development) – 26175 – 20 – 25
25. Bachelor of Education ( Guidance and Counselling) – 26326 – 5 – 25
26. Bachelor of Science (Applied Statistics with Computing) – 26164 – 7 – 38
27. Bachelor of Science (Agricultural Economics and Resource Management) –  26215 – 12 – 29

 University of Kabianga Contact Details
For Inquiries contact us on:
P.O.BOX 2030,20200 Kericho,KENYA.
Tel:+254 723 840 049, +254202172665
E-Mail:[email protected]
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Can dip in edu science be taken as school based? How long?

Hi,which/what course can a student with a c- take at your university ?

Hi!?am samuel, which course can I undertake with a D+ in kcse?

Am a c minus student with a c+ in English please advice me on the diploma courses to take

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I wish to join you and I scored C+ in my KCSE Exam year 2011.And I scored as follows:
C. R. E. D+ PLUS


I will high appreciate to hear a response from you

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Maths C-
Biology C
Chemistry B+
Business studies C+
History A-
Kindly which course can fit me in Kabianga university?

I got a c-.. kindly where can I got at Kabianga University.
Chemistry-D.I look forward for your response.