In this fast-paced, technology saturated present times, you are not only judged by what you wear, what you say, but also by the type of phone you use. The kind of gadget you possess dictates to a large extent how others will socialize with you.

Take for instance, a guy wants to ask a lovely lady out for dinner. Once this dude has the lady’s number, he will not only be expected to call her, but to whatsapp, follow on Instagram or use Facebook and Twitter to interact with her. Now, if the poor guy uses a Nokia 3310, the deal is as good as over. While on the other hand if he owns an Infinix Hot Note X551, he wouldn’t even have to stress two muscles.

‘Swag’ in the modern world is associated with owning worthy gadgets like Infinix Hot Note X551, Samsung galaxy S6, Huawei P8 and/or the Infinix X509. You are not counted urban and trendy until your phone dictates so, it speaks for you.

Of course a person’s income would determine the type of phone they use. On a salary of ka-twenty thousand a month, you surely wouldn’t own an Iphone 6, unless you won it, or have some other believable explanation. This largely explains why people conclude you are not well off if you are walking around with a Bird, Itel or Wing phone. You hold such phones and go knock at any office door and they already think you are looking for a job.

I know of old people ( and here I mean age 50 plus) who own feature phones and don’t really care. They are allowed. But if you are not old and tired it is not acceptable that you to walk around with an old and tired phone.

So yeah, things are different. Society has shifted. We’ll conclude about your social status, lifestyle and age depending on which phone you flash out to receive that call, text or reply to that email.

May your phone speak honestly of you.