Huduma Kenya is a ‘one stop shop’ approach in reforming service delivery in Kenya. Huduma Kenya involves amalgamating related services within one building, possibly on the same floor, effectively making it possible for service seekers to access it conveniently.

This means that you will be able to get birth certificates, national identity cards, passports, registration of business names, and applications for marriage certificates, drivers’ licences, police abstracts… and many other services in one place.

Among the changes to be introduced in the public service include introduction of one stop Huduma Service Centres to provide customer services to citizens from a single location, online e-Huduma web portal to provide integrated services offered by various government ministries, departments and agencies and a unified and integrated channel Huduma payment gateway to facilitate ease of payment for government services.

List of Huduma Centres in Kenya

Where to find Huduma Centres in Kenya

  1. Huduma Centre Nairobi

    GPO, City Square- Haile Sellasie Avenue, Makadara

  2. Huduma Centre Machakos

    Machakos – GPO Machakos

  3. Huduma Centre Nakuru

    Nakuru – GPO Nakuru

  4. Huduma Centre Kakamega

    Kakamega – GPO Kakamega

  5. Huduma Centre Kisumu

    Kisumu – Former PC office

  6. Huduma Centre Nyeri

    Nyeri – Provincial Headquarters

  7. Huduma Centre Embu

    Embu – GPO Embu

  8. Huduma Centre Mombasa

    Mombasa – GPO Mombasa

  9. Huduma Centre Eldoret

    ELDORET –  GPO Eldoret

  1. Huduma Centre Kakamega

     GPO Kakamega

  2. Huduma Centre Kisumu

    KISUMU – Former PC Office

  3. Huduma Centre Nyeri

    NYERI – Provincial Headquarters

  4. Huduma Centre Embu

    EMBU – GPO Embu

  5. Huduma Centre Mombasa

    MOMBASA – GPO Mombasa

  6. Huduma Centre Kajiado

    KAJIADO –  GPO Kajiado

  7. Huduma Centre Kisii

    KISII – GPO Kisii

  8. Huduma Centre Meru

    MERU – GPO Meru

  9. Huduma Centre Wajir

    WAJIR – GPO Wajir

  10. Huduma Centre Siaya

    SIAYA – GPO Siaya

  11. Huduma Centre Bungoma

    BUNGOMA – GPO Bungoma

  12. Huduma Centre Isiolo

    ISIOLO – GPO Isiolo

Services offered at Huduma Centres in Kenya

  1. Renewal of Drivers licenses and Status check
  2. Duplicate National Identity Card
  3. NHIF Registration and Claims
  4. NHIF Member Statements and accredited Institutions
  5. Assessment and Payment of Stamp Duty – Lands
  6. Nairobi City Single Business Permit
  7. Issuance of Seasonal NCC tickets
  8. Search and Registration of Business Names
  9. Registration of Welfare Groups
  10. PPOA Filing reviews and /or addressing complaints in procurement and disposal
  11. Student Loan Application – HELB
  12. Student Loan Repayment Services – HELB
  13. NSSF Registration
  14. NSSF Member Statements and Benefits
  15. Reporting Corruption – EACC
  16. EACC Clearance Certificate
  17. Status of Pension Claims
  18. Kenya Police Abstract
  19. Community Policing- NyumbaKumi
  20. Public Complaints through the Commission on Administrative Justice – Ombudsman

Huduma Kenya – Contacts and Website

The Huduma Kenya programme is co-ordinated by the Ministry for Devolution and Planning through the Huduma Kenya Secretariat. For more information, get in touch with the Huduma Kenya Secretariat through the contacts below.

Email: [email protected]
Tel: +254 020 2227411

Or you can get in touch through social:

Twitter: @hudumakenya
Facebook: /hudumakenya