Kenyans on twitter stormed the twitter streets on Tuesday mid-morning to express their fury after the Higher Education Loans Board- HELB issued a statement stating that : “Where one is not a beneficiary of HELB,they will be required to pay 1000Kshs for the HELB clearance certificate”

The beneficiaries of HELB were however spared as HELB stated that they will be issued with the clearance certificate free of charge. Geoffrey Monari- the HELB recovery manager said the clearance certificates are valid for a year meaning that non-beneficiaries will have to fish out a thousand bob from their pockets annually. HELB clearance certificates are now a mandatory requirement for applicants of public service jobs since the enactment of the 2010 Constitution. This is in line with Chapter 6 of the Constitution on Leadership and Integrity. Here are some tweets by enraged Kenyans:

Newton Karanja @Newtonkaranja

This HELB thing should be free because education is free.
11:32 AM – 18 Aug 2015

Mark™ @markmwalimu

According to HELB logic, non-believers should also pay tithes to prove that God doesn’t exist
10:34 AM – 18 Aug 2015