Notorious Revenge Porn Site Founder Faces Jail term of up to 5 years. In November 2012, Rolling Stone magazine called him “the most hated man on the internet“.

 The founder and operator of a notorious revenge porn website faces years behind bars after pleading guilty to three offences.

At one point, Hunter Moore’s website was attracting 30 million page views and earning him around $10,000 per month.

The popular porn website made thousands of dollars every month

Hunter Moore, 28, admitted gaining unauthorised access to a computer, aiding and abetting unauthorised access to a computer, and identity theft.

The charges each carry a maximum penalty of two to five years in jail. He will likely be sentenced in March in Los Angeles.

The website regularly posted nude and sexually explicit photos of people without their permission.

Some of the photos came from disgruntled ex-lovers but Moore also pleaded guilty to paying a conspirator – Charles Evens – to steal nude photos from victims.

Images were posted alongside the victims’ full names, professions and city of residence, meaning friends, family and colleagues were more likely to discover the images.

At one point, the website was attracting 30 million page views per month and was bringing in around $10,000 (£6,500) in advertising revenue.

Moore was arrested in January last year at his home in California. His computer drives and servers were seized and as a result of the plea they will be wiped of the offending images.