‘Want to get rich quickly?’ So do the remaining 44+ million other Kenyans. Including tots.

When you are broke and expecting no money, you are likely to come across tempting opportunities that promise a handsome income without breaking a sweat.

You are busy online, minding your own business, or that of others, and then ta-da! A lifetime opportunity presents itself; just like it is written in the good book.

It’s the kind that promises riches with little or no effort.

I believe this is what we call being sold to a dream.

Poor Gullible Kenyans!

The message is always tailor-made for you. ‘Get rich quickly’ or ‘Become a millionaire today’.


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It’s like they can smell your destitute state and know that your bank account can save you from identity theft and that your Mpesa balance is 3 bob.

The only thing left between you and death is the will to live.

What you should know is that on the other side of the screen is a broke, desperate and conniving swine waiting to benefit from your naivety.

He or she is probably feeding on buns with salt water, waiting for you to fall into the trap so that they can afford broadways and a packet of milk.

Recently, I came across a site that promised that I can build a website in 24 hours and start earning instant cash without having to lift a finger!

Awesome right?


This sounded too good to be true. Turns out it was.

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Have you witnessed someone get rich within one month in Kenya? No? Me too!

I have seen people get rich but not within a month. Utter exaggeration!

Most Kenyans love the get rich quick schemes-I know I do too- and that, in part, explains why scammers exist and some thrive.

Last I checked people who entrusted their money with DECI and other pyramid schemes with the hopes of becoming rich quick are still crying foul.

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That said there are actually some people making easy money in Kenya such as those selling a container clinic at Ksh. 10 million shillings or those rewarding themselves handsome allowances for their hard work in engaging in supremacy battles.

And then, there is those peddling dope. Once you sniff that one hit of cocaine or smoke a roll of marijuana, someone somewhere is making big bucks.

They are balling.

And not balling on a budget.

You do not have to be involved in any kind of thievery or illegitimate trade to get rich in Kenya.

We have millions of people who rise and grind every day and their efforts pay off after some time.

Some booming businesses in Kenya have been built in several decades.

Still, others enter the market and voila! They take over. At the end of the day, we are all different in terms of our abilities.

Also, understand that in the Kenyan business scene, no one enjoys monopoly really.

Even Uber operated alone for a minute.

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Owning a business and making great profits per month takes a lot.

If you came up with a new and lucrative idea in Kenya today, chances are that by the end of the second month, 367,987 others will have ventured into the same business.

Sadly, some may end up outdoing you in your craft.

Still looking for the answer to ‘how to get rich quickly and legitimately in Kenya’?

You cannot just make fast money in Kenya or anywhere else.Anybody who comes to you with the promise of a chance to get rich quickly is lying to your face.

Tired of the lies? Me too.

These lies are always too good to be true anyway.

Do due diligence first but the truth is that none of these online scammers care about you or your insolvency. Success takes a lot of work.

Also, always remember that the world does not owe you anything; hence, that destitute savage on the other end of the screen pledging to teach you how to become a millionaire within a month is full of it.

If you see the phrase ‘make quick money in Kenya’ especially with the promise that you don’t have to do much, run, unfollow, unfriend, and delete.

If you see the phrase ‘make quick money in Kenya’ especially with the promise that you don’t have to do much, run, unfollow, unfriend, and delete.

Thank me later!