Check Form One Selection 2021  & Intake Process

The Form One Intake entails the admission into either National, County or District Day Schools depending on the Candidate’s School Choices captured during the year the candidate sat for KCPE.

National Schools distribute both based on candidature and affirmative action thus enabling the each district to get a candidate selected to a National School.

The National School Quota is used to select candidates per Gender and Merit List per District. Cut-Off to each National School is automatically determined based on the last Candidate to be Selected to a given National Schools from a Given District in a County.

Couty Schools are Selected on a 40% (National): 40% (to Districts within County and Inclusive Home District of the School): 20% (for Home/Host District of the School). Not all County Schools Can attract National Quota and may be allocated quotas to only Districts within host County.

The  District Selection were pilotted in 2014 In-take.

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Form one Intake 2016 – Selection Procedure

The Computerised selection follows the following steps:

  1. Selection of Top 1 and 2, for both Gender (boys and girls) to their national school choices if an allocation has been provided for their District. In absence, the computer assign such performing candidates schools of equivalent stature to their choices;
  2. Selection of Other National Schools Quota based on Candidates ratio from Public and Private;
  3. System gives advantage to Counties inclusive of host County in filling vacancies which may arise during the selection (such as in ability of certain Districts to produce candidates with more or equal to 280 marks);
  4. Selection of Extra-County Schools which have same features as National Schools with variance being the number of candidates to be picked being more within the host Counties of the schools;
  5. County Schools purely selects students within a County, all boarding schools fall under this category;
  6. District Selection: still done manually due to challenges of mapping primary schools or communities to proximity of secondary day schools.