TSC wants all teachers to fill the wealth declaration forms online and specific reasons provided for those who fail to comply. Individual teachers are expected to fill and submit TSC Wealth Declaration Form Online. You can access information on:

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New employees must also submit their initial declaration within 30 days after becoming a public officer, whose statement date should be the date he/she became a public officer.

Those in breach of this rule will be declared non-compliant contravening Section 26 of the Public Officer Ethics Act, 2003, Revised 2009 that states: “Every public officer shall, once every two years submit to the responsible commission a declaration of the income, assets, and liabilities of himself, his spouse or spouses and his dependent children under the age of 18 years.

It is for this reason that the commission is instructing its employees to strictly comply with the provisions of the declaration of income, assets, and liabilities.  The school heads are supposed to ensure all details are captured in the declaration forms and that all teachers have complied.

The heads must indicate whether teachers who have not filed the forms are on study leave, special leave, maternity leave, sick leave, discipline cases or interdictions, and those who have died in the course of the declaration period.

Step by Step procedure on how Kenyan teachers can declare their wealth online using the official TSC website. Declaration of income, assets, and liabilities forms are filled online.

TSC Wealth Declaration Online

  1. Visit the official TSC website; www.tsc.go.ke,
  2. click on online services menu and go to Teachers Online Services submenu
  3. You will be redirected to www.teachersonline.go.ke
  4. Click on the Declaration of Income, Assets, and Liabilities
  5. Enter your TSC number and click next
  6. Sign Up by entering your correct contact details’
  7. Use your TSC number and password to log in
  8. Read all the instructions and click NEXT
  9. Fill in the wealth declaration form where you will be required to enter your wealth details and that of your spouse

Capturing Spouse(s) and dependants: Enter your spouse(s) and dependants’ details.One can capture more dependants by repeating the same process.

Dependants’ Declaration of Income, Assets, and Liabilities: The list of dependants is on the right side of the window, click on Declare statement under Actions column on the far right. If not applicable, click Next to proceed

Download  Teachers Wealth Declaration procedures on how to fill the form Online>>