Equity Bank  2017 Wings To Fly Scholarships initiative is the transparency and inclusivity of the selection process. The program is gender and region balanced. The application is open to any student who comes from a financially disadvantaged family background and has scored among the top five percentile in the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) examinations in the participating districts.

Maybe you need to apply for  Equity Bank Wings To Fly 2018 scholarship and you’re wondering what are the qualifications to apply and how you can download the Application forms or fill forms and apply online. Worry less, we have all the information for you about the  Equity Bank Wings To Fly Application process and procedure below.  If you need just to download the forms, then use the link below, otherwise, read on and all the best of luck.

Download Equity Bank Wings To Fly Application Form 2018 here to Apply>>

Here are Equity Bank Wings To Fly Information you need to know before you Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How does one apply to become a Wings To Fly scholar? Where can one get application forms?

A: Application forms are available at Equity Bank Branches and Equity Agents immediately after the release of KCPE results. Students can pick up and submit completed application forms at an Equity Bank branch or Equity Agent in the District where they attended primary school.

Q: What are the criteria for qualification?

A: The program targets high achieving yet needy (orphan or vulnerable) students identified by assessing two main criteria based on academic performance at KCPE and social-economic vulnerability as follows:

  1. Academic achievement- Qualifying students must be in the top 5th percentile in KCPE in their District.
  2. Students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds – Eligible students who would not be able to attend secondary school for reasons arising from loss of one or both parents; parents who are unable to educate their children because they are physically or mentally disabled, living with HIV/AIDS or other chronic debilitating illness; families that have been displaced due to natural disasters such as floods, drought, famine or civil conflict; families that have no evidence of accumulated assets; children who show evidence of bursaries received or financial assistance in the past or who have a past history of school absenteeism due to lack of tuition fees.

Q: Are students selected from all across the country?

A: Yes. Scholars are selected from all 47 Counties in Kenya. They are selected through a transparent and community-owned process conducted by a District Scholarship Selection Board (DSSB) comprising of 13 local representative stakeholders, two of whom must be women, including chiefs, educators, civil society leaders, Equity Bank and Agent representatives and religious leaders.

Q: What is the scholarship package?

A: The program offers a comprehensive scholarship package that includes tuition, books, uniforms, transportation and pocket money for all four years of the student’s secondary education. Scholars also receive leadership development, career guidance and mentoring to ensure they achieve their full potential.

Q: Can the marks be lowered from 350 to below 300 as there are many needy kids who do not reach 350?

A: The program targets students who have achieved the top 5% in their District with a benchmark of 350. This ensures that the top students who may not have been able to attend secondary school are provided an opportunity to move from the poverty that hitherto defined their lives to leap into a bright, more prosperous future for themselves, their families, communities and the country.

Q: Does the program sponsor children with a disability or chronic illness?

A: The Wings To Fly programme does not exclude any student on the basis of disability or illness.

Q: Does the program provide medical support?

A: The Wings To Fly programme provides medical support for emergency cases and on as-needed-basis for eyeglasses.

Q: Does the program support the families of the students they take?

A: The Wings To Fly program does not support the families of beneficiaries. It is a secondary school scholarship program that supports students to attend secondary school for the full four years.

Q: Can non-Kenyan children apply for scholarships?

A: Only Kenyan children are eligible for the scholarship.

Q: Do Wings To Fly select the schools that the scholars attend?

A: The Wings To Fly program does not select the schools for beneficiaries. The programme supports them in the schools they have been admitted to by the Ministry of Education.

Q: How is my contribution used?

A: All contributions received for the Wings To Fly scholarship program will be utilized by Equity Group Foundation to provide scholarships to selected students. Equity Bank will continue to provide in-kind contributions, as well as financial support, to EGF to ensure that donor funds are used effectively and efficiently to support as many students as possible while maintaining high standards for the services provided each Wings To Fly scholar.

May you win the scholarship, best of luck!