How do I download my payslip from GHRIS?

This is the question most people ask about Payslip Downloads.

The Government of Kenya embarked on development of this Government Human Resource Information System – GHRIS Payslip Portal website whose aim is to address all its Human Resource (HR) needs. Government employees can now download their GHRIS payslips online from the GHRIS website.

GHRIS My Payslip Online

The System is designed in-house by Government Information Communication Technology Officers in collaboration with Human Resource Officers. The System is expected to interface with other existing and future systems like IFMIS, G-Pay, IRMIS and IPPD. Users of GHRIS are Government MDAs, Employees, and the Public who will benefit from a centralized readily accessible, efficient and transparent system.

How do I download my payslip from GHRIS?

Download GHRIS Payslip Online – Payslip Online

GHRIS Online Payslip and login available at:

GHRIS Registration

GHRIS registration available at:

GHRIS registration online require the following details

Emproyee GHRIS Registration Form

Use form to register in the GHRIS sytem. The information will be validated aganist your record in the Ministry/Department. In case of disparities, contact the HRM Unit in your Ministry/Department.

  • Personal Number
  • National ID Card Number
  • Surname
  • First Name
  • Other Names
  • Date of Birth – e.g. 20-03-1980
  • Gender – Male / Female
  • Date of First Appointment – e.g. 26-07-1988
  • Terms of Service
  • Mobile Number
  • Personal Email
  • Create your Password
  • Confirm your Password

GHRIS Payslip – Staff Details

The users of this system will operate from various locations within and outside the country (MDA Headquarters and Counties) by use of Local Area Networks, Wide Area Networks, Web, Mobile and any other future technologies. This means, most of the HR Functions will be available to all public servants using this Portal. Staff will have an opportunity to update their information periodically and to access Human Resource updates.

Advertised Posts on GHRIS Website – (Lower Cadre)

Ministries and Departments advertise vacant lower Cadre Posts under Public Service Commission of Kenya (PSCK) delegated authority. Due to increased competition for the few job opportunities available Ministries/Departments receive huge number of applications. Arising from the above the recruitment process is very tedious and cumbersome. GHRIS portal will therefore ease the application process and enhance transparency in the recruitment process.

GHRIS Kenya Police Payslip

Members of the Kenya Police Service (Administration police and Regular Police ) can download their payslips form this Link:

GHRIS Payslip Portal:

This is the GHRIS Portal / Website:


1. Any user of this system is expected to provide correct information. Submission of wrong information may lead to prosecution.

2. Those using Microsoft Internet Explorer Browsers should Upgrade to Version 7 and above.

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i have not been able to access my payslips .