The Diploma in Education (Arts) is a three academic year programme including a teaching practice and prepares those students who intend to be teachers in secondary schools. The programme is designed to provide access to education and meet the increased demand for teachers nationally and regionally.

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Programme Objectives
i) To provide a basis for advanced training in education in both professional and specialized subject areas.
ii) To develop professional training and to develop intellectual and social characteristics of the students to enable them to become responsible teachers and leaders within secondary schools.
iii) To develop the capability of students in conducting research in education.
iv) To develop appropriate procedures for investigation and analysis of the secondary school curriculum.
Admission Requirements
The programme is open to students who have passed with a mean grad or at least C (Plain) at KCSE Level. The applicant must also have passed with at least grade C (Plain) in English or Kiswahili. The applicant must have a grade C in the teaching subjects. Admission may be granted to holders of a relevant equivalent certificate(s) from institutions recognized by the academic board. An applicant whose mean grade is at least C (Plain) and have bridged in the relevant teaching subjects can qualify for admission.
Course Structure and Duration
The diploma in education programme shall extend for a minimum period of three academic years including teaching practice.
Programme Structure
• The students will pursue two subjects taught in secondary schools.
• They will study professional education core courses.
• They will undertake teaching practice in the two teaching subjects for a full secondary school term and a project in teaching/learning materials in one of the teaching subjects and for any class.
• A minimum of 90 credit factors must be covered for one to graduate.
Course Codes
COMS – Communication Skills
COMP – Computer
EAPE – Educational, Administration, Planning, and Economics
EDCI – Educational Curriculum and Instruction
EDFO – Educational Foundations
EPSY – Educational Psychology
GEOG – Geography
HIST – History
KISW – Kiswahili
ENGL – English
PHIL – Philosophy
REST – Religious Studies
i) The first digit „0‟ represent the programme, in this case, diploma.
ii) The second digit, e.g. „1‟ represents the academic year, in this case year one.
iii) The third digit, e.g. 2 represents the semester, in this case semester two.
iv) The fourth digit represents the unit.
The EDCI 0315 is an educational unit in curriculum and instruction taught to the Diploma students in year three, first semester.
Examinations Regulation
All courses will be examined during the semester as continuous assessment, and an end of semester examination as follows:-
i) Continuous assessment shall constitute 30% of the total marks.
ii) Written examination at the end of the semester shall constitute 70% of the total marks.
iii) Pass mark shall be 40%.
iv) Courses which are purely of practical nature and or project shall be examined entirely by continuous assessment.
Grading System
The grading of examinations for this programme shall be conducted in accordance with in Egerton University Statute XXVIII.
Graduation Requirements
To graduate a student shall be required to take and pass ALL scheduled courses within the stipulated period.


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