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Can you pursue a good course if you scored a D plain in Kenya?

The answer is definitely YES! Form four leavers with grades as low as D have express admission to many good D plain courses in various colleges.

Here are Marketable D Plain Courses To Study In Kenya (Universities and colleges

1. Certificate in Business Management (Business Management)

This course takes a duration of 1 year and is suited for those who want to progress in their careers and eventually work as business administrators, financial managers, human resource managers as well as marketers.

Those who successfully complete this course can choose to proceed to a diploma, then advanced diploma and eventually enroll for a bachelor of commerce or bachelor of business administration.

This course is offered in several accredited colleges including Kenya Institute of Social Work and Community Development, Riccatti Business College, Nairobi Institute of Business Studies, Tropical College of Management and many more.

2. Certificate in Cooperative Management (Cooperative Management)

This course is offered at The Co-operative University of Kenya with entry Requirement being KCSE Aggregate grade D. It takes Duration Two Semesters to complete.

This course is an important first step for professionals who are interested in pursuing career opportunities in the member-owned (co-operatives and mutuals) or social enterprise sectors.

3. Certificate in Security Management (Security Management)

This course is suitable for security officers, security supervisors, and other law enforcement personnel.

The course focuses on crime and loss prevention, executive protection as well physical security.

Its offered at Kenya Institute of Security and criminal justice, Serein Education Centre, Kenya Institute of Open Learning, East Africa Vision Institute and many more.

4. Certificate in Electrical Power Engineering (Electrical Power Engineering)

The Graduate Certificate in Electrical Power Engineering provides the skills and education specific to the needs of the electricity distribution industry.

Taught by nationally recognized industry experts, students gain a better understanding of the design processes and technical requirements for power distribution system engineering.

Students will be able to integrate engineering methods with industry standards to solve electrical power engineering problems.

5. Certificate in Sales and Marketing (Sales and Marketing)

The University of Nairobi offers this course for the duration of 6 months. Marketing is often viewed as the most important function of any organization.

Without effective marketing activities, an organization will be out of touch with customer needs, market situations and developments; and customers will not know about or have access to the products and services of the business.

Along with the top-class selling ability required for success, knowledge is needed about markets, market research, distribution channels, marketing strategies, advertising, publicity, public relations, pricing strategies and more.

Sales/marketing managers must also manage staff: recruit, motivate, guide, train and control them, and plan and organize their activities.

This practical Program provides training on the wide-ranging duties of sales and marketing managers in the highly competitive world of business.

6. Certificate in Human Resource Management (Human Resource Management)

Most successful organizations claim that people are their most important asset and that the effective management of human resources is central to their business strategy.

This has led to an increase in human resource management (HRM) jobs both in Kenya and abroad.

This Certificate gives you the skills and training necessary to serve as a leader for your organization in recruitment, benefits, employee relations and more.

Today’s workplace brings new human resources challenges and it’s more important than ever those organizations are well-prepared to leverage their most valuable assets.

Knowledge and insight on all things HR and this experience will help you advance your organization, engage employees and accelerate your career in HR.

In today’s  job market, employers are more interested in the skills you have, in order to deliver and perform well in certain roles. Therefore, these D plain courses can give you a bonus to a particular job. Don’t think again! Chose a career that fits you.

Dedan Kimathi University Of Technology Nyeri Town Campus

Event Planning and Decoration Requirements: K.C.S.E Certificate or Artisan Certificate/trade certificate

Event Planning and Decoration Duration: One (1) month Part-time

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