To make the most of your data connection or Wi-Fi, one of the things you need to do is opt for the best Android browsers.

Today, most websites have a mobile-friendly design and while this is important, the kind of browser installed plays a role in determining the experience.

Popular Android browsers are Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera Browser. But these are not the only ones.

Here is The List of 10 Best Android Browsers:

1. Google Chrome

This is, perhaps, the best Android browser and also the most widely used.

This could be because it comes pre-installed on many Android phones.

Regardless, Google Chrome is fast and gets the job done.

It’s incognito window enables you to browse privately.

The interface is also awesome.

In case you are using Chrome on your PC, you can sync it with your mobile devices enabling your passwords and bookmarks to be accessible across all devices.

2. Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla is probably the major competitor of Google Chrome.

It comes with a clean and simple interface.

This browser allows installation of add-ons.

The browser speed can be described as good.

3. Opera

Opera calls for little or no introduction.

Opera had to make it to the list especially because of its renewed interface and speed.

Its smaller sister, Opera Mini has been a darling to many people especially those with limited internal memory and internet bandwidth. To these people, Opera Mini is the best Android browser ever.

Opera Mini compresses data to deliver pages at a much faster speed.

The Opera browser compresses data thus increasing connection speed.

Opera comes with area Discover, which serves as a news feed.

4. Maxthon Browser

Probably among the fastest browsers today.

It allows you to sync your devices for a seamless web browsing experience.

You can adjust your display for a better experience. It supports add-ons and flash video playback.

5. CM Browser

This browser comes with the essentials of great browser app: fast and secure.

It is memory friendly, comes with a friendly interface, and gives a fast browsing experience.

CM Browser got you covered security-wise since it gives in-app warnings about downloads and suspect websites.

You can also browse the web incognito.

6. UC Browser

Its preloading feature helps with loading speed.

This is a solid recommendation since apart from giving you a fast browsing experience, it manages downloads.

It also comes with Incognito mode support.

7. Next Browser

The clean and appealing interface and a smooth browsing experience have earned the Next Browser a place in this list.

Other important features that aid with performance are voice recognition and low memory consumption.

Another interesting feature is the Next View, which supports offline reading.

8. Dolphin Browser

It is not as fast as other options in the list but it comes with great features.

These features include voice recognition, add-ons, themes, and extensions that can allow sharing of data between your Android device and PCs.

9. Hover Browser

It works best on phones with large displays and tablets.

It is reasonably fast and allows you to open multiple browser windows on your phones and tablets.

10. Puffin Browser

This is among the best Android browsers for flash player.

It increases speed and efficiency by transferring the material to cloud servers before displaying it on your screen.