Banned TV Adverts in Kenya That Are “Pornographic In Nature”

Television condom adverts and two alcohol ads have been banned for being “pornographic in nature, promoting and glamorizing sex among teenagers”.

“By airing these unclassified adverts, the advertisers and broadcasters are violating the Kenya Information and Communication Act that empowers the board to impose age restrictions on all programmes to be aired to ensure content that depicts adult scenes are not shown between 5am-10pm,” said KFCB’s chief executive officer, Ezekiel Mutua.

Kenya Film and Classification Board (KFCB) was set up to, among other things, ensure that all films in the Kenyan market conform to national aspirations. In this capacity, KFCB has banned several films including Wolf of Wall Street, Fifty Shades of Grey, This is the End, Paradise Love and Movie 43.

 List of Banned TV Adverts in Kenya That Are “Pornographic In Nature”

KFCB’s chief executive officer, Ezekiel Mutua, on Tuesday, December 15, said Pwani Oil and other companies had been given 14 days to comply with regulations meant to protect underage audiences.

Fresh Fri TVC

Durex condoms TVC

The Board said the adverts depict scenes intended for adult audiences and should not air during the watershed hours of 5am to 10pm.

Tusker Malt TVC

Turning to the alcohol ads ban, Mutua said: “They attempt to associate drugs, alcohol, and other illegal substances with sexual prowess and, or a glamourous or successful lifestyle.”

London Distillers Limited drinks TVC

Nacada chairman John Mututho welcomed the alcohol ads ban, saying his agency actually advised that it be done.

He said some of the drinks being advertised as “brandy” were cheap second-generation liquor banned two months ago. He said the advert by London Distillers was misleading because the company purported to own a TV station, and the drink being advertised was not even brandy.

Trust Condoms TVC

Regarding the condoms ads ban, the National Aids and Control Council, which formulates policy on HIV control in Kenya, said it was not consulted before the sanction. NACC director Nduku Kilonzo said now that she is aware of the moratorium she would engage the films Board to prevent stifling of HIV campaigns.

East African Breweries Limited’s Snapp TVC

Lux Soap TVC

The KFCB boss added that some of the advertisements airing on local television stations attempt to associate drugs, alcohol and other substances with sexual prowess and a successful lifestyle.

Mutua said the board had written to all producers of alcoholic drink adverts to ensure the clips are examined and approved before being aired on TV.

KFCB is now targeting Mexican soap operas and Nigerians movies being aired on television to ensure they all meet the regulations.