The Safaricom digital decoder, theBIGbox is a revolutionary product from Safaricom that enables you to enjoy fast Internet connectivity and has additional value of crystal clear local and international programming on digital TV.

  1. theBigbox theBIGbox is the most advanced and futuristic box in the market with an android platform. It has the following capabilities: 3G/4G Internet browsing capabilities. Internet hotspot (Wi-Fi) creation. Free YouTube streaming via for the first 3 months. Internet hotspot (Wi-Fi) creation.USB and SD media playback for pictures, music and videos, TV recording capabilities. Parental control for TV channels.
  1. You can purchase theBigbox from any Safaricom Shop countywide during this offer period valid from 7th May – 4th August 2015.


  1. It is easy to install theBIGbox if you already have an existing outdoor aerial installed. An installation guide will be given to you when you purchase theBIGbox to guide you through the initial installation.


  1. You can enjoy the free YouTube streaming service on theBIGbox for the 3 months (7th May-4th August, 2015) by going to
  2. theBIGbox will have two payment plan options.
Payment Price Installments Internet Bundle Free YouTube
Easy Payment Plan KSHS.4,999 KSHS.999 for six months 6 GB Bundle free per month for 6 months YES
One-Off Payment KSHS.9,999 N/A 6 GB Bundle free per month for 6 months YES


  1. theBigbox has The Internet bundle options below that are available on a monthly basis.
Price Bundle Validity
KSHS.999 6GB 30 days
KSHS.1,500 10GB 30 days
KSHS.2,000 20GB 30 days
KSHS.4,000 50GB 30  ays
  1. you can pay your monthly subscription dialling *422# or by accessing the Safaricom bundle webpage on theBIGbox.

You can pay for theBIGbox using your account number found on the sticker Under theBIGbox, with a number labeled MSISDN. This is also found on the side of the packaging of theBIGbox. This is your account number to purchase bundles or content for theBIGbox.


  1. if you exhaust your bundles before the 30 day expiry period, You can purchase other available Internet bundles by dialling *422# or by accessing the Safaricom bundles webpage on theBIGbox.
  2. theBIGbox cannot permit you to sambaza the allocated Internet bundles. However, you are able to receive bundles from another Safaricom line.

You will get a notification on your TV screen and an SMS to the mobile number you used during registration of your purchase once you start running out of bundles.