Looking to change your financial fortunes in 2017? Are there easy ways of making money in Kenya?

It is only broke people who fully understand that brokenness is not funny.

Kenya is a great country, a land of opportunities for those who choose to exploit them.

It has been said that success and opportunities are often disguised as hard work, and I couldn’t agree more.

Below are 10 proven ways of making easy money in Kenya. Pick at least one and be on your way to gaining financial independence.

1. Employment sector

This is perhaps one of the obvious ways of how to make money in Kenya. Various industries are searching for a qualified workforce.

Since not everyone is averse to the 8 to 5 schedule, employment is definitely a good option to make a living.

Jobs are hard to come by; hence, if you land in one, work diligently.

Job sites can be a good job hunting strategy.

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2.Working Online

This is perhaps one of the common ways to make money from home in Kenya. There is a myriad of online opportunities for both young and old people.

You can open an online store, blog, do affiliate marketing, graphic design, the stock market, digital and social media marketing, moderation, AdSense, Bitcoin trading, video and audio transcription, and much more.

The online environment is, thus, one of the easiest platforms to make money since it is deluged with money making opportunities.

You can also make money writing articles in Kenya like yours truly.

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3.Turn personal car into a taxi

Yes, you heard that right! We all know of that of that one friend whose car lives in the parking lot. Like every day, all day.

Reason? He or she can no longer afford to fuel it.

I know of a number of people who are reaping great profits after venturing into the taxi business.

Unlike earlier, you can monitor your car activities if you are attached to ehailing services such as Uber or Little Cab.

4.Part time tutoring

You do not have to be a trained teacher to tutor.

If you have spotted a few potential customers in your neighborhood, you are ready to go.

This is, perhaps, one of the quickest ways to make money in Kenya since the quest for an education is real.


Brokers in various fields are seen as a blessing and/or a curse but the bottom line is that they do get paid.

To some people, brokering is their livelihood and they see it as a rewarding opportunity.

Of course, your pay is dependent on the industry you are in.

If you are a real estate broker, the rewards are handsome.

Thus, if you have no problem getting between a buyer and a seller, don’t seek for ideas on how to make money ever again.

6. Agribusiness

One thing that you can always predict correctly is that people will always eat. You can keep your office job and still do some farming.

Those involved in poultry and vegetable farming reap great rewards.

If you can access more money, a greenhouse would be a perfect way to earn extra cash since it occupies little space and the crops grow in a controlled environment.

The better news is that if you do not own land, there’s always someone looking to lease.

Of course, like any other venture, it comes with challenges such as unstable prices and shifts in supply and demand.

7. Government tenders

This one does not need much introduction and explanation.

We have all seen and heard about the handsome benefits reaped by those who get government tenders.

Though there seems to be a lot of corruption in the award of tenders, you can still try your luck.

As Willy Poze once said ‘You never know’.

8. Entertainment industry

Oh yes! This does pay.

Are you funny, can you sing, MC, can you host a radio or TV show, write funny content, and do you think you can dance? The entertainment industry pays if you position yourself well.

Professor Hammo of Churchill show landed a Startimes advertising deal because why? He is a talented comedian and people love him.

Musicians have also landed brand ambassadorial positions for various NGOs and landed in deals with various fashion houses and cosmetic giants.

The better news is those entertainers get a lot of free stuff from people and companies. If you are not an entertainer, get off that stage to avoid leaving the audience with a collective yawn.

We have seen this happen; hence, don’t venture into this industry if no one has ever laughed at your jokes, told you that you have a mellow voice, or sat back and listened to you talk because you manage to command their attention.

Go try your luck elsewhere.

9. Politics

It’s no secret that politicians are among the highest paid people in Kenya.

I know you are rolling your eyes since you always assume that most are involved in thievery.

Well, I can’t confirm or deny that.

I guess they are just lucky. A blessed lot. A chosen lot.

Here’s a tip:

You can start off as MCA, that is if people like you and you are popular enough, and then eye other senior positions after the 5-year term.

You are assured of handsome rewards for doing virtually nothing.

Unless traveling in posh government vehicles and reading speeches written by that PA you underpay counts as work.

If you want to make fast and easy cash in Kenya, politics is one way to go.

10. Online Sports Betting

Online sports betting companies make millionaires while minting billions.

Did you see what the directors drive now? The least I saw was a Range Rover House.

Of course, these companies award winners with millions and they make sure that they have paraded them for all to see.

Betting has become an important answer to the question ‘how to make money in Kenya today’.

The increased use of smartphones and data consumption has definitely encouraged betting.

This is a risky game so do not bet your rent as your landlord has also been hit hard by the January blues.

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